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  1. Please do Josh! It would be great to do a mini gtg with you and Dom...
  2. I usually don't comment after I vote but I guess I am going to be the lone wolf with my 5 star execution vote. I have watched this movie three times and it gets better with each viewing. Thanks to SME and I appreciate his comments as it allowed me to keep this short...I resonate with his thoughts on this movie. This truly is an experience in my dedicated theater room...it might not be perfect, but it gets a 5 star vote from me.
  3. T:L looks very good max! This will be my first BEQ movie...
  4. I am in...I just received my nanoAVR but haven't set it up yet. I hope to have it going later this week. I am really looking forward to testing this!
  5. I need a return visit to Bosso's house... Thanks for the screen cap from Star Trek 2009...I see why your floor moves on that scene from the ULF! i can't wait to read Adam's thoughts on your impressive theater room. BTW, I love your new theater chair...any by the looks of it, so did Adam!
  6. @bosso...great news on the drivers! I have a new windows laptop with HDMI, REW software and a calibrated USB mic from Cross Spectrum Labs. I will have a 30amp run wired here soon and will start off using my Oppo 103...
  7. You are very lucky Adam! The demo at Dave's house is still the most impressive demo I have ever had of a sub system... I hope he plays the Star Trek (2009) demo scene for you with and without the HPF engaged...I felt weightless sitting in the MLP.
  8. NanoAVR is on the way...I am looking forward to watching some BEQ films.
  9. I know I have mentioned to Bosso that I thought his system would be the end game for me...I am in for the Raptor System 3! I will send you an e-mail as well...
  10. Congrats again Adam! It is so nice to see a proper, sealed system again...too many ported builds on AVS at the moment.
  11. Thanks Josh for taking your valuable time to test this sub...I really appreciate having the data! Thanks for the shout out Dave... I appreciate your above post as it really explains what I went through while consuming the Kool-Aid that CC was serving on a daily basis. You are so right about the Dayton amp and the initial system that CC delivered to all of us had no chance to deliver the stated claims...as you said - a POS! I am making the system work with a different amp in a music only system for my wife...at least it is out of the landfill.
  12. I am a little late to the party... The notes are spot on and I would have voted 5 and buy...it has replay value to me.
  13. That is the key for me....what movie do I pull through out the year to demo for guests.
  14. I have seen all of them in my home theater except Kick-Ass 2.... Oblivion gets my vote.
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