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  1. I am in...I just received my nanoAVR but haven't set it up yet. I hope to have it going later this week. I am really looking forward to testing this!
  2. NanoAVR is on the way...I am looking forward to watching some BEQ films.
  3. Thanks Dave! Here is the graph with 48K Hz...now the division lines are back. I also took the 0-120Hz scale from the other screen capture and pasted it on top of the 0-480Hz...do you think this will work? P/A chart is off but I could do the same for it or skip it for individual scenes.
  4. Hi Josh, same here...it was great to meet you and see your new space! Thanks for all of your help today with the speakon cable and I started to take off the handles and my wife said she liked them...I sure hope she doesn't hang any towels on it.
  5. Thanks Dave...I also e-mailed you. Here is the graph: EDIT: Dave, there is an update available for SL ...should I DL it?
  6. Hi maxmercy, count me in to help contribute. I want to thank Bosso for taking the time in helping me get set-up with SL and being patient with all my e-mails. I am getting closer and attached is my latest graph from WOTW that bosso suggested. How does this one look? Larry
  7. Hello Everyone, I am new around here but I would like to contribute to this thread. I have SL installed with the .INI file from Bosso... I have an old Dell XPS400 computer with Windows XP Media Center installed with the standard internal sound card. I have an old Toshiba DVD player with 5.1 analog outs as well as an optical & coaxial digital outputs. I would need to upgrade my sound card to take advantage of the digital output from the DVD player....any suggestions? OK, here is my first shot at this. Here is the scene that Bosso wants us to use from WOTW: Time Stamp of 00:16:10 to 00:16:34 Larry
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