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Stereo Integrity SHS-24 Testing & Discussion

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Here is what the response for the sealed SHS-24 in 300L (10.5 cu ft)  would be and the excursion profile at 126.5 volts, which is the maximum for the SP1-6000. Specs are based off of what I measured from my D2's but scaled for D1's so the impedance is correct. Semi inductance specs are used. Basically this is a 28" cube. As you can see this looks nothing like winisd. I'd suggest learning HornResponse if you are serious about designing speakers. I wouldn't worry about the excursion passing 50mm below 4Hz. No driver is linear with power out to that level and content that low in freq is very unlikely to ever be full power. Also  the Torpedo amps have a 3Hz 1st order high pass anyway, which most amps do. 




SHS-24 300L Sealed.png

SHS-24 300L Sealed excursion profile.png

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On 10/25/2019 at 11:19 AM, dgage said:

My commercial subs are just under 9 cf with 4,000w continuous and like I said, flat to 7 Hz with a Linkwitz Transform and room gain.  So 10-12cf should give you plenty of low-end output but not as much above 40 as if you went ported but the 40+ Hz would really only be usable in venues as they’d be too loud for a home theater in my opinion.  So the sealed 10-12 cf is straight forward and a proven performer while not being TOO big.

Decided to go 12cf sealed... I'm using the SpeakerPower SP2-12000-DP.

Just started my theater build thread over at AVS, but here are the details for my SHS-24 enclosures:

SI SHS-24 Sealed Enclosures (x2):
- Overall Dimensions: 37.75”H x 37.75”W x 21”D
- 12cf internal volume
- 1” MDF double baffle and exterior panels with ¼” rabbets
- ¾” MDF bracing

Thanks for the inspiration @Ricci !

SHS-24 1.jpg

SHS-24 2.jpg

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