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  1. Filtered like blu-ray. I believe this would be new true 5 star film if like german track would be measured, its pretty brutal in places.
  2. Batleship is un-filtered on dubtracks. Nice, sadly dubs are god horrible ,but action scenes are worthy to check.
  3. How about hobbit? Could work very well in this movie?
  4. My all time favorite demo scene, plane crash to dino fight. Sadly blu-ray is less than dvd dts track in level(can be easily fixed though).
  5. Very nice bass in that grenades/cop cars scene.
  6. This movie is very bad, though i remember one bass scene that was good/powerful, it was something to do with coffin/funeral or something. I wonder how that scene would look in speclab graph?
  7. Clipping wasn't that bad in this what i afraid it to be, watched few scenes though on scandinavian blu-ray with pcm track. Some nice visuals in this movie.
  8. Watched this on uk blu-ray with dts-hd ma track and what a crap mix. Pretty much every explosion is clipped, atleast it sounded like it. Few good parts there though. Pretty bad movie, but at least andy carcia was good on that president role.
  9. ^^^Maybe dts hd ma track is better than true hd on triangle, at least bitrate is better. http://www.caps-a-holic.com/hd_vergleiche/multi_comparison.php?disc1=3857&disc2=3999&hd_multiID=1598#auswahl
  10. I could do it, but i need help in it... exactly how?
  11. I wonder did they re-mix this in dir cut version, or just open that filter. Randy thom mix btw. First battle scene Dts Dir cut
  12. Anyone else noticed shitload of clipping in this movie(especially that end scene inside of sun). I have dvd though. Good movie anyway.
  13. End scene could have better bass in (wasn't much under 25hz bass and amplitude in those). Great movie anyway.
  14. +1 to slumdog millionaire, chopper scene is nuts. 127 hours have some pretty good scenes too(accident scene ). Thanks nube for resident evil films.
  15. Hmm, any idea where is that 20hz stuff, because it wasn't much in tennis scene..at least in dvd version?
  16. Just finished this. Very difficult to give rating to this because overall little weird mix. Levels drop pretty sharply in all explosion on war scenes at 20-25hz, then there is scene like angry duck chasing guy's with under 20hz bass (lot of low level 10hz bass almost all horse scenes too). I would give 4.5 rating to this for execution if possible..just not quite feel like full 5 star execution. Movie dont have much re-play value to me, but sound was great in parts(that one thunder scene, when big guns start to shoot, galloping horses etc.) Maybe i give a re-shot for blu-ray if i find it cheap.
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