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  1. UBER 24" possible Project

    If there was demand for it we do have a design for a motor between the GUJvX and UHv1. It would give a BL2/Re right around 200, with all else the same as the GUJ18vX. Price would be almost exactly halfway between the UH21v1 and GUJ18vX. The other option could be a slightly souped up TSADv1, we could get the BL2/Re on it up to around 200 for not much higher cost, would end up nearly the same cost as the GUJ18vX.
  2. UBER 24" possible Project

    To get that little inductance on a coil that size that can take a serious amount of power with that much travel and keep a BL good all while being underhung requires a really crazy motor, basically this is just as "crazy" as the Uber 24" just scaled down, and the price would be similarly proportional. 10 of these with the same power and same enclosure volume would outperform the Uber 24" for a sealed system. They would work great ported too, and should run up clean really high. This is all still theoretical though remember.
  3. UBER 24" possible Project

    So you could be excited about a 12" with specs like so; Underhung Neo of course Carbon fiber cone/cap 4.5” Edgewound single layer coil on kapton former Full alu shorting ring 20mm Xmax 30mm Xmech Fs 31.00 Hz Re 3.80 Ohm Qms 4.30 Qes 0.30 Sd 500.0 cm2 Vas 70.0 l Le 0.30 mH SPL at 1 W 1 m 90.3 dB SPL at 2.83 Vrms 1m 93.6 dB Qts 0.280 Effective Qts 0.280 Bl 18.06 Tm
  4. UBER 24" possible Project

    Working on this project doesnt affect the other things we have in the works, "and all that that implies"
  5. (4) Sealed 21": Funk Audio UH-21v1

    Also Excursion Video
  6. (4) Sealed 21": Funk Audio UH-21v1

    What range do you run the MBM's for, have you tried running just the UH's up to the mains? Also I think something is off with your sims if you got a Q ~0.5, two drivers in 240L should be closer to 0.35, which is a lot closer to what you measured.
  7. (4) Sealed 21": Funk Audio UH-21v1

    Turn it up ????
  8. UBER 24" possible Project

    As you know the larger the driver the easier it is to get more travel, more room for suspension etc. As far as total displacement capacity this would be more like 3-4 of the highest travel 18's out there, then considering it has enough motor to would work in a box only about twice the size of a "smallish" 18" box, its starts to not be too terribly bad as far as "value" goes. When you add the "coolness" factor of the overall design it starts to get more exciting, and that's worth something too. As for Graphene cones I talked to the company, and they are interested in the idea but they said they are a long way still from making anything bigger than a 3" cone, but it would be "possible" to do, so many sometime down the road. Mind you it may be a very long time before even this starts to move forward anyway, it will require a big investment in tooling etc, so unless we get some people to buy into some it will be a while.
  9. UBER 24" possible Project

    Not sure but I will look into that. I know the regular carbon fiber process we are doing to make the 21" cones in house works very well. I had thought about exploring something like carbotanium though so nothing is set in stone yet, maybe graphetanium?
  10. UBER 24" possible Project

    Funny the surround is probably the only part that would not be custom tooled and made just for this driver. The one available for 24" is good for about 65mm each way although I need to test it and see for sure what it will do, if it will do anything past 65 will probably just go with it, although custom tooling a surround is possible. Ricci, I was hoping you wouldn't say anything too quick, but yes it will use spiders like we were discussing.
  11. UBER 24" possible Project

    Currently this is "vaporware", but I thought I would put the concept we have put together out there to see what interest there might be in something this crazy, because it is totally possible, and the designing part of my brain simply cannot be stopped so I just keep coming up with these things. It would require major custom tooling to make most of the parts, so cost would be very high, as they would not be done in very high numbers, if at all, so this is not a "value" proposition in any way, that being the case its likely most practical to make it a finished "system" vs just the raw driver, although we are open either way if anyone is interested in just the driver. Finished sub would be in the 15-20k each range, driver probably around 10-12k each Here is a general rundown of the features; Driver would be underhung with; ~50mm Xmax ~70mm Xmech ~1200g mms Bl2/re ~800-1000 Underpole Neo magnets, conical segmented ring system with venting through, and 4" diameter pole vent, think halfway between neo radial and the common under pole slug, so the pole vent size is kept large for low turbulence, magnet volume is high, and is kept far enough from the coil to stay cool. Under 100lbs total driver weight 10" diameter voice coil, quad 4ohm flat wire. Full aluminum sleeve over pole, maybe even aluminum sleeve outside the coil too, I think we can keep the normalized inductance to 1mH/ohm or less. Solid carbon fiber cone/former/dustcap, as one piece structure. Custom machined modular aluminum basket For the finished subwoofer the cabinet would be good around 150-200L, so about 28" wide 28" high 24" deep with curved sided cabinet nice finish etc. The amplifier would be a 4 x 2400 watt unit, one channel per coil, so 9600 RMS total, we have the rack version from the 18.2 or we can do a plate version built in like we used on some custom 21.2's we did last year.
  12. (4) Sealed 21": Funk Audio UH-21v1

    We did find under extreme conditions the leads would touch the cone, and we had thought the epoxy would insulate it enough *if the leads ever touched but we found it did not. Its not enough conductivity to actually "short" but it did enough conductivity to deteriorate the lead wire. The shrink tube over the leads makes them behave better anyway so it was a win win.
  13. Ideas for new ways to display data

    If there are no more long term averages shown what about putting the long term output in a chart just like burst output, just list the output at fixed frquencies, the same frequencies as burst and sort it the same way. Also it might be nice to even have that available to show on the same comparison graph as burst, so one can compare the same system, for burst and long term, as well as to other systems.
  14. And once you get some room gain helping out even with systems that have a large difference in output between "max pass" and "No THD limit" you can often get much closer to the "no THD limit" output from the sub while passing, the SB13 ultra is a good example, in ground plane it had nearly 6db more output at 10hz than its passing level, but in Josh's room it got within a db of the "no limit" level and passed in room, and even the "no limit" output TDH was massively lower. Because the room boosts the low end fundamentals more than the harmonics. Everyone's room will be different though.
  15. Air cooling still has a lot of potential before liquid cooling is needed, I have some ideas for some really crazy stuff with unique air cooling system(I do have some ideas for liquid cooling as well), but nothing that's really "practical" either way. That wont stop me though , just might be a while.