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Danley SH-100B and SH-100 coaxial upgrade


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Hello everyone, long time lurker first time poster. Not sure if this is the right forum for this but here goes.

I don’t have near the knowledge of anyone on this website. I just look for what crazy subs and the like being designed, built and tested on this site and avsforum and use them as my lead.

Onto my question and this may be not even worthwhile so please if you don’t think this is a worthy upgrade let me know. I use 3 Powered Danley SH-100B’s for LCR and 4 powered SH-100’s in my dedicated theater room. Seeing Jeff from JTR, and reading other diy forums about the latest and greatest high end coaxial drivers from BMS and B&C I’m wondering it it would be worth looking to upgrade the coaxial in the Danleys? 

Honeslty im not sure exactly what Danley uses, I’ve seen conflicting reports of either the BMS or B&C.

would this be as simple as just finding a newer higher end coaxial to replace the original or would it be more involved then that? Like re-working the crossover, etc?

Any thoughts and possible candidates if you think it’s worthwhile greatly appreciated!

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You might be better served asking over at the DIYAudio site as many over there discuss speaker designs and speaker modifications.  Now Tom Danley is a true innovator in loudspeaker design but fortunately for you the SH-100B looks to be a more simple design.  But even with the speaker being of a simple design, it likely won’t be as easy as simply replacing the coax with a better coax.  You’ll need to worry about sensitivity and the crossover so at a minimum I think you’ll need to redo the crossover. With that said, I really wish Danley focused on more of the home theater market with slightly more detailed top end character.  I think if you were able to finish this project by utilizing a better coaxial, it should make quite a difference in the detail of that speaker.  Note: I haven’t heard this speaker but I’ve heard several Danley designs and felt they had rolled off top end (measurements showed this as well) as well as missing some articulate detail, which is the basis for my improvement comments.  Overall I feel Danley makes some amazing speakers that could be even better with a more detailed top end.

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