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Woofer for 40-250Hz?


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I did give it a sweep through dats and used the rub and buzz test, seems ok. Will hook it up to an amp soon to make sure.

There are two different uses here. I have built one to try out the smallsyns so I can decide whether to build 3 more to use in my cinema setup. This one will be used by a local choir for their rehearsals so will have much more limited output requirements. I could probably have got away without the woofer for this oneĀ  but I thought it would be handy for trialling the speaker as I intend to use it. This means a woofer happy in a pretty small box (~1ft3), the fp looks good for that.

The AE will replace the woofers in my current 3 way LCR regardless of whether I build the smallsyns. These will be in bigger boxes (maybe 2.5ft3) and need markedly more output capability. The AE were the best ones I modelled for this job.

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finally received the amp so should be able to fire this up properly soon


I did test the initial XO and I think the woofer filter hasn't come out quite right, some details in http://www.diyaudio.com/forums/multi-way/292379-syns-post5471697.html

need to get time to investigate that but frankly it's been too hot in London recently to consider doing anything except idly watching the World Cup while drinking cold beer :)

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