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  1. What really bothers me is when such agressive filters are used that effectively elinimates most LFE from the big blockbuster movies. And when the soundtracks are compressed as well so as to make them all but unpleasant to listen to at moderate volumes, that's really a thorn in my side. It seems to be a matter of matter of how loud can we make it. Or maybe I'm viewing it the wrong way.
  2. It's like all current movies are being mixed using the lowest common denominator, HTIB systems. Almost makes me wonder what's the point in having high resolution playback system
  3. I had a chance to rewatch Desolation of Smaug and it's way better than the first Hobbit movie soundwise. The Smaug scene is the highlight of the movie as expected. I'm not sure how low it extends but there is some very nice LFE during the Smaug scenes. It's good to see that this is NOT a repeat of the first one. This movie has a really enjoyable sound design and the louder you play it the better it sounds. I think many here will be satisfied when they give it a listen on their systems. All that's left is for Nube to reveal how deep the LFE extends.
  4. I often wonder the same thing. That reviewer is full of BS! Tech spec suggestion??? Yeah right Anyone with half a decent subwoofer could easily tell that the bass is anemic in the first Hobbit movie. Smaug is better but falls short as well.
  5. I watched Desolation of Smaug several nights ago. It's better LFE than the first Hobbit movie but it's no deep bass monster sadly. To me it's a nicely done soundtrack but the lack of really deep LFE is really shameful. There's decent LFE during the Smaug scenes but not what one would expect for such a fearsome dragon. Overall it's better than The Hobbit soundwise but it could've and should've been so much more. A demo worthy opportunity wasted
  6. Even though I don't have graphs to prove conclusively, but I'm afraid MOS is another victim of the loudness craze that's becoming prevalent. It reminds me a lot of TDKR except it's not quite as strident and fatiguing sounding as that one. It's just loud. I was hoping for more from it.
  7. TDKR is indeed a fairly average sound mix that's been ramp up in the loudness department. Very dynamic sounding but fatiguing after a while. To my ears it sound muddled and congested. I kept thinking of a 3 hour long movie trailer. Even though I really like the Nolan trilogy, they really dropped the ball on this mix. I truly hope that this isn't the start of a new trend in BD audio.
  8. I agree with you. I also think Avengers has a better sounding mix than TDKR but that 30hz HPF just kills the overall impact the track could have. I'll be screening TR this weekend. I remember reading about John Allen's HPS4000 theater systems. I've always wanted to hear one but sadly, I'm not even remotely close to a HPS theater to check it out.
  9. Since this is my first post, I'kk begin by saying hi. I really appreciate the tremendous effort that has gone into the graphs and such. This is truly an invaluable resource to have. As a result of seeing the graphs, I know now why Avengers doesn't rock me with great LFE extension. Also the loudness issue with TDKR is clearer as well.What's truly disturbing is the HPF that seems to be becoming an issue. I sincerely hope that this isn't becoming the standard to which we will have to deal with. I look forward to seeing more results in the future and I like the tone and maturity of this thread a lot better than the abysmal one on AVS. Keep up the fine work guys.
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