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  1. Probably a little off topic but since I'm in the Navy at the moment, it is always appalling and rather funny that in almost every Naval movie (Hunt for Red October, Top Gun, Crimson Tide, etc) everyone on any ship or sub is drenched in sweat (which just doesn't happen) and are also wearing the NSU's (which sure as hell doesn't happen, especially underway in subs). Always comical how it looks live they just came out of the shower and then put their clothes on without drying off. Although it's probably the same to every person who's actually been in the military and then watches movies based on the military, seeing everything that's either wrong or comically exaggerated.
  2. Thanks for your efforts maxmercy! Looking forward to the Top Gun beq, as it is one of my favorite classic's and left a little to be desired for the bass content, especially for the sound of jet engines.
  3. Wow, what's up with you guys? The Hobbit wasn't a shit movie just because it didn't have ULF. (At least, that's why you are making it out to be) The story and overall development were great, as was the soundtrack and visuals. It's a definite buy for me and it's going to be an enjoyable re-watch. I only had a few minor quabbles with some of the characters, such as Radagast being introduced and then never been heard/seen again after his debut. Kind of a short lived addon. And the fact that Azog, the big white orc, wasn't actually in the Hobbit book but they decided to make him the driving force against the company was kind of a strange move, but I suppose it could be understood since they might have thought the movie may have been to boring without a character like that constantly putting pressure on the company.
  4. Titan AE is a classic, a must buy. It was wonderfully executed for what it was and is still impressive to this day, despite never having a Blu-ray remaster. Wish they would do one though. Would love to see and hear this in HD.
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