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  1. Yeah thats what I heard alright. At the 1.52 mark fuses on my LR tweeters died. At a lowish -8db. Sounded like distorted highs to me. Painful to listen to.
  2. Inception is, to my ears, one of the worst LFE tracks I have heard. The whole sub 80hz audio has a very distorted signature. perhaps its just me, but, I would give it a 1 or max 2 in the Execution category. Unless I misunderstood what that part is...
  3. Just wanted to let you know that I very much appreiciate the work you are doing. Small suggestion: Dont include "Level, extension, and dynamics" in "execution". These factors are already factored into the rating. Keep it "MECE".
  4. First of, thank you to all contibutors to this thread. Much appreciated! Second. Im having a bit of problems understanding the rating system. Could someone clarify one small thing for me? The combined star rating is an average of level, extension, dynamics and execution. Now, level and extension I understand, the higher the amplitude and the lower the frequency, the better the score. Sounds reasonable. But, what about dynamics? This factor is the difference between Overall peak and Overall average. Now, wouldn’t that mean that in order to score a perfect score here the movie needs to be limited in the amount of time that there is action onscreen? Isn´t that the opposite of how a good bass movie should be rated?
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