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  1. ^^^ May I ask what is your view of the Black Panther mix? Many of the same concerns from the quotes that you responded to have even more critical views on that title. Respects,
  2. What say you about Black Panther? Many over @ AVS are extremely down on the mix, similarly to The Last Jedi. However, views here differed greatly on the Last Jedi and so I'm curious to what views on Black Panther are here. Respect,
  3. Just want to shout out Max/Nube/Minnjd. As much as I like the graphs on another forum, the insight along with the graphs on this forum really help me understand what the quality of bass the movie studios are producing. I hope you will continue to share.
  4. Speaking of filtered, I've read that the Australian blu ray of Master and Commander is unfiltered or less filtered than the rest of regions. Can anyone verify? It is region B locked however.
  5. Question? A gentleman commented that the Australian blu ray of Master and Commander does not have the high pass filter. Can anyone confirm or disprove this? Regards,
  6. Greetings Gentlemen, Let me start by saying thank you for your time and effort in this area. Even though my subwoofer doesn't play as low as many on this thread, I value the insight and specs that you provide. Bosso, I understand your frustration and anger towards men like JPC and Gary J but without his posting, I would never have found you guys. For even those whose intentions are wrong can be used to do good. Thanks again gentlemen
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