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  1. Muchísimas gracias por tantos consejos. Me han gustado mucho los drivers recomendados. Iré agregando novedades en cuanto las tenga.
  2. Thanks for your cooperation, my budget aprox 2 x 1000 u$s, Size 2 x 60x50x80 cms.
  3. Hello community mi name is Enrique, i live in Spain, in my 50 years old y always ve a music lover. I have tried a lot of speakers and actually i have a Linkwitz LX521.4 using a DSP. My question is about a really good DIY subwoofer for this sistem because i cant hear sub basses. Can you help me recomended a definitive project of a subwoofer for music applications? My living room is not too big 24 mts2, I really prefer one box, and I don't hear too much loud, too loud just a few times. Thnaks a lot.
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