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  1. Hello everyone, first time posting here and I'd like to thank Ricci for the putting the Othorn plans out in the world. Living in Denver I have have been blessed to listen to the world renowned Basscouch Soundsytem (by Jeff Bailie) at The Black Box wich features 8 othorns and 4 Tannoy iq10/18b. Now the time has come to build ourselves a "small" but robust stereo stack for house/warehouse/renegade parties. Othorns are a no brainer for 27-80hz (already started on our first cab) and we are leaning towards the Peter Morris PM90's for our Mid/High down to 100hz leaving a hole from 80-100hz. I have been searching around for some midbass designs but apart from the HD15 from speakerplans im not too sure what to fill the gap with that can match the quality of our other choices. Is there any midbass designs that people have ran with Othorns and would recommend for a 1 box per side stack? If our goal is not sheer output from the PM90s could we get away with running the Othorns to 90hz and letting the PM90s take over from there slighlty lower than recomended? I am at the beginning of my DIY/pro audio journey and any help would be much apreciated, thank you for your time.
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