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  1. The time machine in Project Almanac, anyone? I'm new to the surround sound world beyond a simple soundbar & bluetooth sub w/satellite speakers. (had two go kaputt on me in a year's time) I've an Onkyo receiver with Polk speakers so am nowhere near the advanced arena you folks are! But I am doing 5.2. I had one sub at first as was ordering from Amazon. Got the receiver at Best Buy ($199). My $89 sub was plugged directly into the tv before I had anything else. The neighbor across the street said it was rattling his walls. I had it at max to music. I immensely appreciate this list!! I watch a lot of movies. Luckily I have an XBox1 that allows me to plug my laptop into it & remain streaming movies, as well as tv shows, for free that will still get surround. I mention such due to realizing why Project Almanac could be a hidden gem? From my limited experience, the rumbling low frequency was impressive.
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