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  1. FWIW, and I am only a lurker here and rarely post, as I have nothing to contribute to the great work done in this thread, but I have to say that I agree with Pain Infliction that Andy's posts are kinda derailing the thread. But they would be great in a thread of their own, and I'm struggling a little as to why Andy doesn't make his own thread. He is clearly very passionate about the subject and I think his analyses of his pre-2000 movies would be of wider interest. One of the really useful things I find about this thread is that all of the movies 'officially' rated conform to a defined set of specs and parameters (outlined in the first post IIRC) so we can be sure that when we compare one movie with another that we are comparing apples with apples. IDK if Andy's analyses conform to the same parameters or not, which makes them confusing, to me at any rate. In his own thread, all the movies compared would be compared on equal, level terms so that would enable valid comparisons to be made. It is a pity that the thread degenerated into personal insults as there is no need for it.
  2. Some terrific posts here recently. And thanks again to the guys doing all the work on measuring and cataloguing these movies. It is very much appreciated.
  3. Just one observation before dropping it: J P Crass's stolen images of Bosso's graphs and charts have been removed now from AVS.
  4. The really unfortunate part of all this is that Bosso has had enough (and who can blame him) and so the community is going to lose a great resource.
  5. It was inevitable I guess. Someone mentioned this thread, I asked him not to post the link to it, 'douchebag' as Max calls him, did. Absolutely. I too have had many similar experiences in my professional life - you have to do what you say. But it's hard sometimes. I do hope that a few cretins from AVS don't put an end to the great work being done on here. If it does, then they have won.
  6. JPC was the one who posted the url. Gary J has been in my Ignore list at AVS for longer than I can even recall. Seriously, this is a great thread so I hope the guys who ruined the last one stay where they are and leave you guys to get on with the great work you are doing here. I have little to contribute here but I enjoy what you do and it adds an extra dimension to my hobby, for which I thank you.
  7. I guess it had to happen but some idiot over on the now useless AVS Master Bass forum just had to go and post the url of this one, so expect an influx of guys all saying "Oh the bass in <insert name of movie here> is just AWESOME - as good as WOTW easily...." and so on. While, of course, not mentioning that their subs only play down to 20Hz, or they run them 10dB hot or their room rings like a tin can etc etc etc. Hopefully they will flock together and stay on AVS.
  8. I saw TDKR at my nearest IMAX in the UK and it was *incredibly* loud - the loudest movie I have ever heard. I like loud, but it really was TOO loud. I thought they had set it up wrong, but from the comments like yours I have read it seems that is how they meant it to be. Film Mixer over on AVS also commented on how loud the movie is and said, IIRC, that it is how they intended it. Seems like a bad move to trade ULF for loudness, if that's what they did.
  9. Me too. One suggestion I have is that a simple tutorial on interpreting the graphs might help the BassHead Noob (that'll be me) to get the most out of their hard work.
  10. Absolutely! I have 1000s of DVD/BDs and I am already importing the title blocks into my DVD cataloguing program (DVDPedia - Mac only) so that I can review this amazing info when I am browsing my collection prior to finding a movie to watch. I have created a sub-category too in the database for titles I own that you have graphed, to keep them all in one place. Searching back in the thread is simple now, when it has half a dozen pages, but over time it will become very cumbersome. On a general note, can I add my thanks and appreciation to the amazing work you guys are doing here. I have about 1% of the tech knowledge you do, but I am here to learn and, especially, to behold! Great, great concept for a thread!
  11. Oh yes! Oh YES! I have all but three of those movies and a pair of Submersive F2s on the way (and for a small room too!) so I am so looking forward to seeing these graphs. Thanks to you guys for such a great concept and a great thread.
  12. Hi Craig - awesome idea to rate the movies the way it's being proposed. I am a new BassHead as you know and my pair of F2s haven't been shipped yet, but will be soon. I don't think I will have a great deal to contribute here as my tech knowledge wrt to measuring etc is very limited, but I know I will learn a lot here and also get a lot out of checking out the reviewed discs. Cheers, Keith
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