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  1. Are you going to measure Guardians of the Galaxy 2? There were a few scenes with decent mid-bass slam and some that dug quite deep but I've been away from my sub recently so maybe my judgement is off. Final scenes could be demo material Thanks
  2. Hey everyone, I haven't had time to log-in for a while now but I was hoping someone could help me out. My nearest iMAX cinema has recently closed down and I was wondering if there is a half-decent cinema around the Midlands. Oh what the heck... I'd be willing to travel a fair distance north/south to get a good AV experience as long as some of you guys approve. Thanks in advance. snoop
  3. Same here unfortunately... No one I know even considers speakers as addition to a smashing TV setup,it seems like it's an unknown dimension to many. It just goes to show how much marketing works really (see: Beats, Bose) but then again the best of the best never had to use invest in marketing, instead they direct all resources into R&D and it just goes to show in the final product really. I always use car comparisons to explain this to my friends 'You can see Hyundai adverts everywhere, but I bet you've never seen an ad for Pagani' and if that doesn't convince them then I just invite them over for a quick demo and blow them and their little HTIBs away ????
  4. Just got my hands on a HD version the other day. Not Master Audio, but adequate, and I must say it was a pleasant surprise. It wasn't the usual Snyder-flop we've learned to expect.... but then again I've been away from the sub for a while, so I might be over hyping it! However while the bass it good at time, its complete lacking in other scenes - and it varies between every punch. So unfortunately LFE does feel like a bit of an afterthought as the sound doesn't always match the picture, and inconsistency can be annoying for audiophiles, but I've enjoyed it more than viewing it in the cinema. Final Rating: 5/10
  5. As a newcomer I am not sure if any of you have discussed tone generators before, and in case you haven't I feel like some might find it useful for demonstration purposes. So here is the one I often use: http://plasticity.szynalski.com/tone-generator.htm This has also helped me minimise the nulls/peaks while doing the bass crawl at my new place - wouldn't call it perfect yet, but the corner traps are on the way
  6. That's exactly what I thought on my first watch last week, but bumping the bass up a little always helps. The Force does indeed have some immersive and powerful bass, which truly elevates the movie IMO, but to me its still an average movie... Sorry SW fans!
  7. Never do And one day, perhaps 40-50 years from now, I will build my dream home-theater. Hopefully by then my other half will be at peace with the rattling kitchen
  8. Yhh I don't have the best extension, but I would like to hear it on a more serious system one day. That being said I do prefer 30Hz over the 20s and below, but I am sure that's not the case for everyone. Actually I think I might be the minority in this case
  9. ^ This I never judge a movie before listening to it with my own system. Perhaps the biggest disappointment was HTTYD Dragon Crash. People rave about it, and I'm sure it looks impressive on a graph, but it doesn't do much for me personally. Fav demo scene is still OHF Washington Monument for depth and sofa shaking, Underworld for a nice and long joy-ride, and Titan AE Ice Ring scene for the best of both worlds (hugely underrated around here, perhaps cos of the out-dates visuals) Using an SVS PB-2000 for the record
  10. Yeah I'm familiar with his track record, I was kind of insinuating it when I said hopefully the mixing team, this time at least, sort their sh*t out... Would be nice to add more demo material to the collection. As for the bass being loud and not deep, it was neither. Never been impressed with the cinema audio quality, it just simply doesn't compare to a decent home system. Video quality was also disappointing. With the movie excessively going for a dark and gloomy imagery, the washed blacks were an eye strain. Those clowns haven't got anything setup right
  11. I just walked out of BVS with a big smile on my face knowing there could potentially be a new TIH-like movie heading our way. There is every reason to back up the final showdown with tremendous bass, and hopefully the mixing team does recognise the potential. As for the movie itself... I won't go into detail, but I thought it lacked on many levels. In the end just another simple-minded action movie with forced emotions and plot. If you're not a fan of DC you may as well just sit this one out
  12. Yeah it is quiet, but looking at the draught of LFE content in recently released movies I am not suprised. I've actually been revisiting most of the 5-4.25 movies, and it sure feels good to have a bit of sofa rumble back in my life. Also found a few sleeper movies... Can't remember them all, but the most recent one was The Exam. Didn't like the movie very much as the ending left much to be desired, but many did enjoy it. Similar to Phonebooth/Devil in terms of cinematography, but the bass reminds me of Pulse Server Room, powerful rumble/throbbing effects. Short movie, worth a shot. I've skipped through SW, focusing on the possible stand-out LFE scenes, and as per usual there seems to be a roll-off... That being said my schedule only allows for previews on low volume. Perhaps tomorrow I can cut lose, and bump it up to -15 dB
  13. Well Remux suggests its unaltered, and I've never had a problem with them. Besides can't contain myself any longer... Almost finished downloading, verbal feedback soon
  14. Just thought I'd pop by and let you guys know Star Wars The Force Awakens DTS-MA 7.1 has now leaked. Torrent available on RARBG
  15. Hi everyone I'm new to this site and I wanted to give something back with my first post after having read and learned so much past couple of months. I found 3 downloadable Bass Demo disks, available from AVForums. It has pretty much every note worthy bass scene mentioned on this site, so I thought it was a pretty neat solution to show off your kit. http://www.avsforum.com/forum/19-dedicated-theater-design-construction/1412846-ultimate-bass-demo-disc.html#/forumsite/3207/topics/1412846?page=1 It can be easily torrented, there's good seeding going on to this day. Once done just put it on repeat and have fun (Hope I'm the first to bring this up) Snoopy
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