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  1. Most of the time when a clipped compressed mix is presented, it is going to get 5 star level. Then it gets a 5 star execution from the 'awesome' crowd. Since execution is the only subjective category, maybe a heavily clipped 5 star level track can be penalized with a 4 or 4.5 star ranking. You list the composite and the spreadsheet is set up by the composite, so those looking at level alone will still see it properly placed. This way it is taken into account in the overall score. Level - 4 Stars (114.59dB composite) 5 star level - 1 star for obvious clipping throughout. For me, yeah it has a 5 star level, but I can't watch it at reference and have to turn it down vs. something like Elysium I can crank at reference. So when watching at comfortable levels a 5 star clipped track at -10 mlv the 114.59 is a 104.59 vs. 3 star level at reference of Elysium at 107.54. Or possibly below execution have Clipping- measured and audible. overall score deduction of .5 ( or 1) I see subjective praise from end users as well as from professional reviews for some of these tracks. Then when I play them I either run for the remote or my subs sound like they have a limiter enabled when running with ample headroom. Then I look up to see here and they are objectively a distorted presentation. This is the only site measuring these movie mixes and showing with repeatable measurements clipping and square waves. I think the soundtracks that aren't up to snuff in the loudness wars crap should be held accountable, what better place than here? Another way to do the execution is average the votes by star and rate it to the closest .5 star. 5 star 11 votes 4 star 9 votes 3 star 9 votes (55+36+27)/29=4.06 4 stars. This way all votes are taken into account. (edit: gdffgdfgd got it first) Did I spell that right? Rant over and I will let it go if nobody agrees.
  2. The latest Transformers getting a 5 for execution is a joke. Personally I think since nube and max are doing all the measurements and are competent, if they deem significant clipping or compression the execution should be given a -1 from the executions final vote, or be given a max of 4 from the start of voting. IMHO a heavily clipped or compressed track is in no way deserving of a perfect for execution.
  3. Max I gotta say it again, thanks for all the work. 75 already you are a f'in trooper. It's looking Very Nice Dave. I see a lot of your movie collection getting another spin real soon. I watched Brave in a Dolby Atmos theater and was in awe. Seeing Randy was involved and has the bandwidth I am going to pick it up. I have taken the CGI plunge, still trying to get the wife on board. Thanks for the heads up on Flight, going to check it out. Any you guys spun Skyfall yet? I thought it had great dynamics and a few mood setting scenes. Look forward to the results. Love the thread and Data-bass!
  4. This is my favorite place online these days. The way you guys are turning the movie bass into objective based measurements should be applauded by all. I know this is a ton of work you guys are doing here collecting and deciphering the data, but once backlogged new releases can be instantly compared to the old goodies. Thanks again! Just a thought I am throwing out here, is to start another thread were all could discuss the execution or the buy/rent upon seeing the graphs and data here. As this is somewhat subjective and could keep this thread for the data goods. For example I have found the hospital explosion to be my favorite bass scene from the Dark Knight. I would love to see it on a bottom digging system as it appears to start out with a nice pressure wave ~3-5hz. or Only watched it once, but I think maybe the reason many find Prometheus as a strong bass flick, is possibly because of the lack of masking accompanying some of the bass.
  5. I have been checking in about twice a day from the start. Not much to add you guys are hitting it out of the park!
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