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  1. And here's some measurements (with UMIC1 and REW): Red: All six ports open Green: Two ports plugged Blue: Four ports plugged No EQ was applied here.
  2. Here's the link to a short Youtube video:
  3. Finished the building this week, and did some testing Yesterday. I didn't buy a suitable amp for the SKhorn. Originally I wanted a used Crown Itech 12000, since it later will be used in my Hometheather, together with the other Crown amps I got there, but the price is a bit high still. And Powersoft is just crazy expensive, even those with some thousand hours on them. I also looked at a SpeakerPower SP1-6000, but it does not have a good enough EQ/DSP, I think. So, we did the testing with one of my old Crown Itech 6000. It does not get the IPALs going very high in volume, but high enough for a little test. Here are som pics and a videolink. Got two friends to help me testing, and it was fun (and still a bit too cold outside...)
  4. Finally got time to spraypaint my one remaining SKhorn today. I used Warnex paint and an inexpensive HVLP spray gun. After to layers it lookes pretty ok I guess. Tomorrow I will turn it over and finish the cabinet. After this and finishing the build, I will also glue some acoustic foam in the back chambers, as Ricci suggested.
  5. I'm still waiting for an amp to test them properly. My friend (with a Crown Itech 6000 to test them) could not make it last week, so while waiting for a new own amp, I'm prepairing them for Warnex paint.
  6. Thanks, peniku8! After testing today, I will paint them black with Warnex.
  7. Hi everyone! I'm new to this forum, after beeng very active on different forums here in Norway. Over the years I've built and restored about 200 different cabinets for speakers in my small workshop, and my latest one is the Skhorn. I've also built six Othorns, but these Skhorns are among the largest cabinets I have done. I built three, two for a customer and one for myself. All the parts are cnc'd out of 18 and12mm BB at a friends workshop. I think the build was relative easy compared to the Othorn. I'm going to use the Ipal driver, and will start testing tomorrow with a Crown Itech 6000 amp. I'm looking forward to that!
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