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  1. Thanks for the welcome. And initially that is what I thought, but looking at the graphs w particular time stamps, there looks to still be a significant amount in the 20hz-80hz range for Star Trek. That first graph, I can tell you I feel and hear almost nothing at all.
  2. Hey all, longtime lurker with a question. I remember reading a year (or more ago) somewhere, maybe here, about Wal Mart having neutered soundtracks in some of the movies they sell. I tried using the search feature here and elsewhere and could not find anything. I have been able to find that Lionsgate? Redbox rentals are not lossless audio, but that is about it. Here is the deal. Over time I have accumulated at least 50-60 blu rays that score four stars or higher on this site, and many more that are just under. I don't have the equipment you guys use to measure, just going off my own ears/body, but for the most part, I can tell why something got 5 stars and why something maybe got a little less. I also don't have the subs most of you probably have, but I do have dual SVS PB12-NSD's. There are two movies I have, both purchased from Wal Mart's bargain bin, where the bass is not there. They feel like a 3 star to 3.5 star movie at best. They are 5 star Star Trek and 4.5 star Battle of LA. I know both of these are highly regarded both by ear and by measurement equipment. The bass content is there, but its just not loud, it does not rumble my couch much, it does not give me that "feeling." I run my sub trim about 5-6 db's hot when nobody is home and I really want to blow my mind on any great bass movie. Still nothing from them. I guess the only thing I haven't done is run it even hotter for these to see if that really changes how these two feel and sound. It has to be something else right? Figured I would ask here first, my next step is to buy these movies at another store.
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