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  1. Yes, I actually prefer the DVD DTS track in terms of bass, would be nice to know the exact differences though..
  2. I was referring to the DTS tracks so dialnorm wouldn't apply. I use Audyssey but not Dynamic EQ, I just run 5db hot It would be interesting to see a comparison, I'm sure some at AVS did one years ago but I couldn't find anything after searching.
  3. Has anyone compared War of the Worlds DVD & Blu-ray? Apart from the volume difference, there seems to be more upper bass on the Blu-ray also and the DVD seems to sound more balanced.
  4. I've had the DTS DVD of this for years and never watched it. I did rip a scene out of it to use for a demo disk (when she's lying in bed and hears the knocking) but never watched it in full. I believe this was one of many movies where the DTS track was mixed way hotter than the DD track.
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