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  1. Seriously???? This is ridiculous! I am just one a few people that spoke up about this. No telling how many people feel the same and have gone away from this thread all together because NOBODY is posting anymore since Andy posted his movies. It makes it really hard to go through pages to read or find what people are saying about the movies. It's not like there are a couple and no bid deal, but the thread is flooded with them. Doesn't matter, I'm out just like a lot of people probably are!
  2. I think he is just trying to be spiteful now. I have noticed that a lot of people have not been posting in this thread since he started posting these prehistoric movies.
  3. I heard this was a good bass movie. Looking forward to giving it a spin! It's not out on bluray yet so I have to wait. I refuse to download movies lol.
  4. Done deal. Just take what I have to say into consideration about your own thread. It would a nice title. " Pre 2000 movies with waterfall charts ". Or something like that. It could have its own dedicated thread and deserves it so there is no conflict of interest.
  5. I'm not the only person. Believe me. I have spoken to others that reached out to me. What does your heart attack have to do with anything. Do you want sympathy? Everybody has problems of their own. That's life. Don't think your better than Americans and live up to the stereo type of Britts thinking they are better than Americans. Now you are getting personal and showing your true colors. You are no different than me but actually more rude now ironically. I knew I was being rude and even said I was but never attacked you. Just asked to make your own thread. Now your butt hurt and want to lash out. I understand, but don't think for a second that you are better than me. Maybe I think your English is weird, but really we come from different parts of the world and nothing is spoken the same. I know that but apparently you haven't learned that yet. Good luck with your health.
  6. If that is what you are trying to do, trust me I get it with the 50 movies you have posted. If you are trying to prove a point, make another thread. I personally don't care to see all of what you are posting, but come to this thread for the movies that just came out or fairly recent. You are dropping a bomb on this thread with A LOT of your posts! What is so hard about making your own thread and not having a topic within a topic? Makes it easier for people when searching also. Another thing is, I trust what the guys on this thread post when it comes to graphs/charts with their equipment and testing procedures. Not so much with yours. Not really trying to be rude about it but you need to relax on posting soooo much of this stuff. Now this thread is really off topic so let's go back to how it was a couple of months ago. Conversation ended on my part.
  7. So are we measuring everything in the library or what? I think a separate thread with all of your discoveries is worthy of it's own thread. Just my opinion. Kinda been turned off this thread lately.......Man that was rude! Sorry, but I just don't want to have to find the new movies being posted in this thread in between all of the massive amounts of really old movies. B movies at that.
  8. There was nothing in the movie that a ported sub would have picked up so that is why you probably didn't experience it in the theater. If you don't mind watching it again, go rent it from Redbox and see what I am talking about and let me know what you think. You will be surprised, but it's not like it is throughout the entire movie.
  9. Anybody see "A Most Violent Year"? This movie had some really unexpected ULF! I was shocked and not expecting it at all. I felt my floor shacking like crazy and put my hands on my drivers behind me, and sure enough, they were moving really slow like they do when there is sub10hz content. It lasted a long time in a part of a movie that you wouldn't think there would be bass. Part of the reason why I was surprised and had to touch my drivers to make sure it was them shacking my house.
  10. I have 11.1 right now. Really it's more like 11.12 lol, but I like the heights more than the wides. I think that I would want the 7.1.6 over the 9.1.4 but you never know until you hear both like maxmercy said. This is one of the reasons why I have not bought an Atmos avr yet. I think that there is a lot more to offer in the near coming months other than hdmi 2.0 and what not.
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