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  1. I do understand. We do try to give a full frequency experience in our mixing and while many here are focused on the last 10 hertz we try to spread our sound from top to bottom, low to high within our 37 speaker system. We do not omit anything that you guys would focus on. I can relate to time and money, but I am focused on what the marketplace such as you guys and AVS Forum discuss. We mixed "Oz" with taking this into account. Once again it is not who is the lowest for the sake of a graph but what is apropriate for what the particular scene is and what the clients want or like. That is also what dynamics are for. Thank you all for allowing me to come to this forum and speak freely while being very well aware of what may of you here goals are in respect to the soundtrack. I am very proud of "Oz" and I am excited to hear back from you all once you experience the 7.1 mix at your Home Theater. All the best!
  2. Thanks again guys. Please understand that I can't comment directly on "How do you....?" I want to bring something up... There seems to be a look at the graph then listen to the mix instead of the other way around here. A graph should not influence your appreciation of the sub energy but should reinforce what your ears have experienced. We don't mix to a graph because sound mixing and sound design are a subjective process. I didn't build my 11.1 Auro-3D room for specs,but for the immersive experience. Please enjoy "Oz" for what we did on the sound and the experience it gives you listening to it in your Home Theater. We put lot's of effort into getting you the Experience that we had in a Theatrical environment and translated it very accurately to your Home Theater. Now go listen in your Home Theater once it has been calibrated at "reference" ! Turn down the lights and let it rip!
  3. Hey guys, I'm Marti D. Humphrey CAS , aka dr.sound (not Humphries) and Chris Jacobson (not Jackson). Chris and I are Re-Recording Mixers at my facility "The Dub Stage" http://www.thedubstage.com/gallery-facility/ and we mixed "Oz, The Great and Powerful" Thanks for the kind words about the mix on "Oz"! Bossobass Dave, Could I ask you to fix our names on your post please? As for the Sound Design it was BOTH Jussi Tegelman and Steve Tuschar. Jussi was the Sound Supervisor on the Film. So guys, how LOW did we go.. ?
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