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  1. I agree with you Rowan611 so so movie audio was nice but I wished it had more extention in the low end, I figured for what the movie was about it would be all about ULF.
  2. This movie is one of the best sounding on my system, very dynamic and some pretty darn good bass extention,I don't have an atmos system but you can tell the difference between a DTS HD /Dolby True and an atmos mixed movie even on a regular system, highly recommended.
  3. Thanks shredhead, I plan on adding another sub either another servo 15 or a Seaton sub, guess you can say I'm a bass head lol.
  4. New to the forum and have seen some great systems and lots great info. My system is as follows. Integra dtr 8.8 (receiver) Oppo bdp 105 (blue ray /media) Thorens td 145 mkii (turntable) Panamax 5300-pm Paradigm studio 40v2 (mains) Paradigm CC470v3 (center) Paradigm servo 15 (sub) Swan r3 (surrounds) WD 5tb HD LG uf7700 4k (TV) Sorry for the double posts.
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