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  1. Yes, I actually prefer the DVD DTS track in terms of bass, would be nice to know the exact differences though..
  2. I was referring to the DTS tracks so dialnorm wouldn't apply. I use Audyssey but not Dynamic EQ, I just run 5db hot It would be interesting to see a comparison, I'm sure some at AVS did one years ago but I couldn't find anything after searching.
  3. Has anyone compared War of the Worlds DVD & Blu-ray? Apart from the volume difference, there seems to be more upper bass on the Blu-ray also and the DVD seems to sound more balanced.
  4. Did you get a screencap of when Kylo uses the force to stop and hold the blaster bolt around 7 min mark? As the camera pans past the bolt it sounded pretty good, not as good as the interrogation force moves but still good enough..
  5. Simple.. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0472033/?ref_=nv_sr_5 I'd say 9 is the best sound mix you will ever hear, and for those who like their bass.. there's probably a demo worthy scene every minute throughout the 82min runtime
  6. I've had the DTS DVD of this for years and never watched it. I did rip a scene out of it to use for a demo disk (when she's lying in bed and hears the knocking) but never watched it in full. I believe this was one of many movies where the DTS track was mixed way hotter than the DD track.
  7. Thanks for confirming, I ran mine around -10db and it really got my sofa shaking which is quite rare as I have concrete floors in a 1600cuf room (running two SVS SB13 Ultras) I saw the peak on the graph in the OP and thought to myself that 25hz peak has got to be it
  8. Can someone check the levels at 1h 32m 59s (lasts for about 1 second)
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