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  1. Saw it and the FV18 (and many other cool things) at an AVSForum GTG this past Saturday. Very nice
  2. (4) Sealed 21": Funk Audio UH-21v1

    imgur is the best
  3. JTR Orbit Shifter LFU Discussion

    It is the new version of the Speakerpower SP1-4000. See here (photo from jaimectrs @ avs) http://www.avsforum.com/forum/113-subwoofers-bass-transducers/1247005-official-jtr-orbit-shifter-subwoofer-thread-39.html#post38632497:
  4. Upcoming Testing Possibilities?

    The LFU is not the same as the Pro
  5. Stereo Integrity MS Ride Donation possible give-a-way

    done. note that you have a limited amount of space on the address 2 line. i fit "2x12s and amp please :)" in there
  6. JTR Speakers Measurements and Discussion

    Isn't that fairly normal for a pro sub? Quick googling shows many pro subs that spec 35-40 hz on the low end.
  7. List of Common Bass Movie Acronyms

    Thanks. I had no idea what some of them were.
  8. Reaction Audio Measurements & Discussion Thread

    Awesome review as always, thanks
  9. Awesome movie. Just watched it the other day
  10. Upcoming Testing Possibilities?

    Awesome. Looking forward to the upcoming tests...especially the SI24
  11. I love that movie but it definitely isn't a bass fest
  12. HSU VTF-15H results posted

    Thanks! I can imagine it's annoying having to test all the different modes.
  13. I'd like to see the PSA XS30, Submersive F2, Captivator, and Captivator S or S2 tested