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  1. @radulescu_paul_mircea @Funk Audio @Ricci Have any of you raised this "noise" issue with Powersoft?
  2. Is most of the noise coming through the speakers or is it mechanical noise produced by the amp module?
  3. Thanks for confirming what I thought.
  4. Separate airspace for each driver shouldn't have any negative impact on performance?
  5. @RicciThe DO sealed box you used to test the iPals, did you have 2 separate volumes or single airspace?
  6. More from Powersoft: "Should you decide to use 2x IpalMods, I’d suggest using separate acoustical volumes for the two transducers. This leads to safe and profitable use of the pressure sensors for both response correction and efficiency drops detection."
  7. Wouldn't it be less $$ to get all those parts directly from PS vs buying them as finished goods from a 3rd party? I can only imagine the "damage" that could be done with that 30" M-Force..
  8. Wonder if he was using 1, 2 or no sensors?
  9. You would use an off the shelf sub with the M-Drive? Not sure I understand. What are you planning to do with the iPalMod & 4 21's?
  10. Here's a reply I got back from PS: "Using 2x21IPAL from B&C with one IpalMod only would be risky, simply because the impedance is 1ohm and paralleling the transducers would result in overloading the amplifier. For double 21s enclosures we usually suggest using the eighteensound 21iD (2ohm impedance). If you should proceed using the 21iD, you’d only need ONE pressure sensor, mounted on either baffles."
  11. @radulescu_paul_mircea How do you like it? I myself own one iPal module (& 5x 21" iPal subs), like you, I plan to add 3 more. I just ordered 4 of the large heatsinks and 2x DSP-D modules (from the DigiMod IK)
  12. @Ricci Have you tested the M-Drive? Have you tested the iPalMod + sensor?
  13. @radulescu_paul_mircea Your points are well taken. The simplicity of the dual - opposed is really what I like. My goal is to first try that before exploring other options. btw, I had no plans to attempt the M-Drive, I was just drooling over the power output!
  14. According to Powersoft, 1 mod can be used. You are correct, the extra mod is only "worth" 3 to 4 dB...but those are some serious bragging rights!! The question I have (and I'm waiting for an answer) is what to do with the DPC sensor if you use 1 or 2 mods? **Not to side track...I was looking at the M-Drive datasheet....14,970W x 1 at 2 ohms....'nuff said
  15. I'll probably make the enclosure slightly larger since I need to account for a separate "pocket" for the iPalMod's.
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