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  1. On 7/13/2019 at 4:59 PM, jay michael said:

    Ok, 4 Skrams complete.  Did some measurements today using REW and a minidsp umik 1.  These are loaded with 21sw152 4ohm drivers.  I'm still pretty noob to REW so my testing may not be up standards.  If there is something else you would like to see measured, or measured in a different way please let me know, wont take me long to set it up again.  Measurements were taken in my back yard which is quite large, but there are fences surrounding my back yard.  I placed the mic 1 meter from the mouth with the measurement tip about 2 inches off the ground. I ran the tone generator with pink noise and set the output of the sub to about 90 db.  In the measurement page I tested the output gain and slightly adjusted it louder until REW told me the gain was ok.

    Picture 1 shows the settings I have set in the measurement panel. 

    Picture 2 shows a single freq sweep measurement all spl raw no smoothing.


    Did you happen to do any testing with some of the vents closed?  That response looks pretty good.  I would be curious how it performs at some of the lower tunings as well. 

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