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  1. Have some miniDsp for EQ; my goal is to achieve about 130db at 20 and 120db at 10hz in room.Do you think it’s possible with 6 sealed Ultimax and 4 sealed Magnums? What do you think is the ideal enclosure volume for the ultimax?(I’m not familiar with winISD yet) Want to put the Magnums right beside the Ultimax when sealed.Here is a pic with the actual setup.
  2. Have three inukes6000 dsp, one channel for each driver.I will take some more measurements with rew to see what happened.It can still be a room issue to, but since I installed the huge absorber on the back wall the standing waves are diminished pretty much.I always felt that the ported boxes sound boomy sometimes in my room; is a sealed cab gone to sound different in room then the ported box? for budget reasons,can’t sell the um-18 and go with another driver, just modify the ported and make smaller sealed boxes to have space to accommodate the Magnums-12 to take care for the midbass.Do you think that approximately 7 cft exterior volume is ok fot the Ultimax in sealed enclosure?
  3. I can’t switch the drivers no more, I will stay with the um’s and the Magnums, that are pretty sensitive drivers and give it a shot; I hope to integrate them with the Um’s and split the frequency range in two, say 5-50Hz to the Um’s and 50-120Hz to the Magnums.
  4. Hi guys, Need advice on the bass system for my HT. Have six ultimax um-18 in ported cabs on the front in a array and think about modifying them and put them in sealed boxes,for faster and thighter bass, better group delay and for easier integration,I think. Is a total external volume of about 7 cft sealed box( that is the easiest practical volume after modification)to big for the um18? I saw that on databass it was tested in a 6,16 cft external, and Dayton recommendations is an internal of 4,2 net volume. I have a few Magnum-12 drivers (diysoundgroup)from another project and want to integrate them in a system as midbass modules with the ultimax to split the frequency, the um-18 to about 50Hz and the magnums from 50 to 120Hz, from a single LFE output and split with a miniDsp. The room is about 23’,16’,7,5’ all concrete walls,floor and ceiling; on the back wall is an porous absorber 2’ thick,floor to ceiling,wall to wall. I ask you if going from ported to sealed is a good ideea? forgot to say that from the six ported boxes,two of them that I put in the center of the grid are smaller And after measurements with rew they look a little bit different that the bigger left and right arrays .If I don’t go sealed,I don’t have the space for the Magnums and the two way bass system.Do you think this will work?
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