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  1. The noise cancelling is fair at best. It tends to do an admirable job of blocking out low end frequencies such as jet engine rumble but I could still make out every word of a Skype chat that my wife was having across the room. On top of that, requiring the headphones to have batteries to even function is disingenuous. If your batteries die mid-flight you’re screwed. Hope you packed a set of ear buds. Now for the proverbial nail in the coffin. The first set that was sent to me had a strange problem. There’s a bit of a suction created between the ear cup and your ear. This is natural for well-fitting headphones. But every time that I’d break that suction on the left ear cup I’d hear a very loud “pop”, quite like the membrane on the driver getting pulled out of position. When this pop happened, volume level went down dramatically. If I’d push the ear cup back, the pop would happen again and the sound would return to normal. I thought that I might have just had a lemon, so I contacted the agency to provide me another set. Unfortunately this appears to be an ongoing issue because the exact same problem can be replicated by the second pair. For a $300 set of headphones it’s positively inexcusable. For my money, I’d take a set of great-sounding over-the-ear headphones any day. TheV-Moda Crossfades are one of my current favorites, but traditional options from Sennheiser, AKG and even AiAiAi will leave you very happy. If you’re going to pay $300, get a set of headphones that are worth the money. This time around, the Doctor needs to go back to class.
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