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    The Bass EQ for Movies Thread

    Unless It has changed recently that I don't know about, the Q in JRiver is actually slope on shelf filters, this was one of the reasons for Max posting it as slope as far as I know. I could be mistaken though if there has been a change but in all of my reading I have not read about one. I also use JRiver for BEQ and plug the Q values in as the slope values posted by Max.
  2. biga6761

    The Bass EQ for Movies Thread

    Thanks Max for all your amazing continued work in this thread sir. All of your corrections have made astonishing differences in all these tracks in this thread, some of course better than others but that is totally mix dependent and has zip to do with your glorious work. The most recent correction for RP1 did wonders. This mix was already solid compared to the recent rash from Disney but the correction makes this a Demo worthy track for sure. This track and AQP are in line for my favorite mixes of the year so far. Thanks again Max and everyone else who has contributed , I look forward to all the future corrections you have time to put together and check this thread almost daily.