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  1. Hacksaw Ridge is the real deal. Tremendous surround work with tremendous bass. The polar opposite to flat, one-dimensional LF. Surely amongst the very finest, most realistic soundtracks I've ever experienced in my home. And the movie was surprisingly good too. There was something very genuine about the storytelling that seems rare in modern large-scale filmmaking. It really moved me. And the crafting of the violent battle scenes is mind-blowingly (no pun intended...) good.
  2. Had a nice friday night with Deepwater Horizon. Certainly a bass monster with what felt like decent ~20hz activity. Had no issues with it, really. And the movie was pretty good, at least the first two thirds. The build-up is ominous and unnerving and when it blows, it blows big. Powers like these are sure not to be messed with.
  3. Star Trek: Beyond was every bit as poor in the bass department as I expected from those graphs. Hollow, one-note sounding booms only. There is a sweep early in that I'm sure could've been mighty good fun without that rolloff. Movie was alrigh, not as good as the previous ones but certainly good entertainment value.
  4. The theatrical! The extended is not yet available in my country, but I'll be sure to watch that one as well. Still enjoyed the theatrical version. On a different note, what I did not enjoy was Independence Day: Resurgence. I expected a bad movie but I didn't expect the worst I've seen so far this year. It absolutely f-ing stinks, in just about every way imaginable except for visual effects. A couple of cool shots of an atlantic-ocean sized spaceship wrecking havoc is all it's got going for it. Maybe the audio was good I don't know, felt soft to me. Didn't use my subwoofer as I didn't want to wake my neighbours.
  5. BvS: Definitely a solid soundtrack on this one. Lots of bass, but clean and well extended. Sometimes with significant ULF. Reminded me of Mad Max, but slightly less "over the top" loud and more activity down very low. Far better extension and slam compared to MoS, which is obvious early in with the terraformer going havoc in Metropolis. Also, great enveloping soundstage overall with rich dialogue. Definitely a 4/5 soundtrack from me. As for the movie, it's not at all deserving of all the hate it's received. It's not perfect, there is some clumsiness here and there (like abundant plot points, over-the-top characters and dialogue which makes zero sense) but boy is it a grande, ambitious superhero spectacle. Reminded me more of Watchmen than Man of Steel actually, in its visual feel and flare. Massive, spectacular action moments but also dark, weighty themes and Affleck is a fantastic Batman/Bruce Wayne. I liked it.
  6. Modern "state of the art" cinemas can be a rather repulsive experience I'm afraid. With all that money invested in audio and video one would expect at least a little bit of low bass and not the bright, harsh, eardrum-shattering mess they call "immersive sound" these days. And those washed-out blacks (light greys, I mean) don't make things no better. Naah, I'd rather stay home. It comes with the bonus of not having idiots all around you with beeping phones and annoying laughs.
  7. Well... darn. I did quite enjoy the soundtrack, I have to admit that. I expected a disaster after seeing the measurements, but it really wasn't all that bad to my ears. While most of the big bass effects are pretty one-note sounding and lack real ULF extension, they sure were loud and impactful (and not as audibly clipped to pieces as Godzilla for example) and did provide a few "WOW"-moments with my PB13. The "the dead are alive" intro surprised me and made me smile. I'd describe it as a guilty pleasure bass-track. The rest of the package was quite good, enveloping sound field and decently clean. Less so though than Skyfall, which was especially noticeable through the center channel. Movie is OK. Production design is top notch and the cinematography (while not on par with the gorgeous-looking Skyfall) is sweet at times, like in the meeting with the shadows. But writing is the worst of the Craig films and the way they tried to merge the previous films together felt lazy and forced. Same goes for Lea Seadoux's character development. And such a waste of Christoph Waltz. Oh well. 'Splosions! Loud 'splosions!
  8. The bass in Phantom is fine and the Pod race is fun demo-material if you're OK with not having that much ULF. AOTC I just found a bit bloated with a lot of mid-bass, won't say too much though as I didn't watch the entire film with a good subwoofer. Oh, and I hate the movie. I think it's worse than the first one. Christensen is just embarrassing and so are all the green screens and Monsters Inc-looking CGI creatures. Plus, the plot is a gigantic bore.
  9. I'm not particularly impressed by the sound design of the Star Wars prequels at all. The pod race in EP1 is the standout in that trilogy, having a good deal of fun bass albeit nothing super deep. EP3 was a massive let-down. I found the bass neither extended nor hard-hitting and expected much more from the sound mix overall. It just seemed dull to me, lacking in dynamics and scale. The opening shot with the Star Destroyer engines roaring is a muddy mess of >40hz noise when it should be clean and felt through your body. The drums clearly lack punch as well. EP4 is the LFE winner of the saga.
  10. I actually found Lone Survivor quite spectacular, not in terms of low bass but in terms of surround channel mixing and effects.
  11. Well, while I find the ULF superb in the film, I can think of ones that have consistently MORE of it. However, I can't think of many films that utilize the entire LFE band and surrounds as effectively as this one does. The only really heavy ULF moments in the movie I noticed are when the sound cannons hit the Hulk and again the Abomination punch. Point being, while it may not strictly spoken be the king of low-bass, it's certainly the most awesome HT ride IMHO. Not to mention it's a pretty solid movie, which is more than I can say for Battle LA
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