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  1. Ha - will do next time I do a demo! I'll end up moving the MLP to inside the door jam - 3 rows yay!!!
  2. Mine measure flat to 12 hz but I realized they are measuring like that when the bathroom door in the back of the room is open. When I close that door it is closer to 17hz. Not that it matters that much, I cross them at 60hz now for movies and for music (I run them full range) my style of music doesn't go that low anyway. It's nice that either way I don't have to worry about a HPF. Scott, I remember when you were here you were telling me I should keep that bathroom door open all the time, I can't remember what your reasoning was though, do you remember saying that?
  3. Everything Ricci says here sums up my experience perfectly - he nailed all the variables. The above response should be on a sticky somewhere at AVS.
  4. Watched this last night with my wife, well sort of. We both started falling asleep. I could tell pretty early on I would have no interest in it. That said, I thought the sound was fantastic which is why I checked data bass today to see how it was rated here. I love this kind of bass - never boomy and you feel it much more than you hear it. I checked the volume after turning off the movie and was surprised to see that we were watching at -5, I never have the volume that loud when watching a movie with my wife. Goes to show that it doesn't matter how good the sound is though, if I don't like a movie it still won't keep my interest.
  5. What do the monster mains put out at 26 hz? I think I remember you saying the subs had a 10 db advantage so the mains could hit 132 db's at 26 hz? Haha, I love it. I'm not sure if I can hit 132db's at 26 hz with 9 18's and 4 15's. My guess would be no...
  6. Did the vocals sound muddy at Brandon's GTG?
  7. Thanks for the specifics. I hadn't really thought about it but it makes perfect sense that diffusion for the LCR is needed on the back wall, not so much the sides when you have CD waveguide/horns. I have a GIK QRD diffusion panel on each first reflection point for the L and R mains on the side wall. As Scott told me when he was over, they probably aren't doing jack shit in their current position since my mains have a 60x60 dispersion pattern. I should experiment with putting the panels on the back wall. However, I'm not sure how many reflections from the back wall get to my main LP because my back row couch would block a lot I would think. If that doesn't do much I guess I could use them at first reflection points for my side surround speakers like you are doing.
  8. How much diffusion are you using and where in the room? Any pictures? thanks!
  9. I saw pics today that you posted awhile back of the drivers that will be under your seat. Beautiful. If my main LP were on the riser I'd be doing what you are doing for sure - in that post you said something about the tactile feel almost being too much. That's when you know it's perfect.
  10. But Scott.. you can't have 14. It's either gotta be 8, 16, 32, 64, etc. Oops, I've got 9... no good.
  11. I'm not sure if I first met you on HTF or AVS, but I've seen your name (and Dave's) for as long as I can remember being on forums. What's this? We can cuss here? Fuckin' A man!!!
  12. I think my name was the same but with a capital C (last name is Carpenter and most people call me carp). I didn't spend any time in the DIY section, I figured that was just for the "crazies", haha, no offense I didn't know any better at the time. Those guys (Ron and Tom) really were marketing geniuses. There is no way they were doing anything but sitting at their computers (I always wondered who was really building the subs??) because they would reply to anyone and everyone almost immediately at all hours of the day. Ah yes, the 20hz tuned sub thing. I remember well talking to Tom before I bought my sub and he said unless I'm really into pipe organ music then I will never need anything below 20hz, and that 25 hz might even be more accurate. Yep, pipe organs were all that extended below 25hz. I believed him.
  13. Bosso, I remember Home Theater Forum very well. That was the first forum I stumbled on, even before AVS. I completely drank the SVS kool-aid. The subwoofer section was ridiculous. There were times when literally EVERY single thread on page one was about SVS (this was around 2000-2001 if I remember right). So, I figured SVS must be the greatest thing ever. Post after post about how people's teeth were rattling out of their heads, pant legs were flapping in the breeze, houses about to implode, etc. and all the while Ron and Tom were replying to seemingly every single post on every thread. So, finally I broke down and bought a SVS and my expectations were off the chart. I fired it up and.... what?!?!?! It fell so far below my expectations after spending so much time on the forum. I got more feel and slam from my crappy CV speakers with the 15 inch drivers (sure they probably only went down to around 30 - 35hz but they were subjectively more impressive than the SVS). It was around that time that someone on the forum had the audacity to compare a SVS with a HSU and they liked the HSU better. All hell broke loose. Tom attacked the guy like I had never seen and all the SVS fans jumped in too. Soon after I discovered AVS and I liked the fact that it didn't have the SVS worship that HTF had so I never went back.
  14. I have had the opposite opinion of AVS in the past few years. I've been on there sine 2003 but it's only been in the past 5 years or so that the hobby has exploded for me and all of that is because of AVS. In the past 5 years I've met so many great guys here in Kansas City and become close friends many of them. I've also attended numerous out of town GTG's and have seen/heard some incredible rooms/speakers/subs and have met all kinds of great people - some of whom are on this thread. Without avs I'd still be listening to a sh*tty system and have no idea what could be. Hmmm wait a minute.... I'd have a hell of a lot more money too though.... So for me the fact that I sometimes have to wade through a BS thread with some fun haters pales in comparison to all the good that has come from the site.
  15. Those Ultras aren't going anywhere, he has a pair of G Horns in his attic of his living room using the ultras. Coolest looking build I've ever seen and even more impressive in person than in the pictures. He has 3 24 drivers. One of them he built a temporary sealed box for and it's in the living room. It's awesome, and blends well with the G horns. However, all 3 24's will end up in his basement build and that is where he is thinking of the 40 cubes ported and a nearfield sealed 24. At least I think that is the current plan. 3 sealed 24's would be killer too, not sure if his mind is made up.
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