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  1. The Quicksilver scene in X-men DOFP is a fun one that dug pretty deep and isn't extremely long.
  2. +1 Really great sound! Wow, it was a monster on my system (Dual Chane SBE-118s / Dayton SA1000) - it lit up the limiter quite a few times (favorite was when the blast from Starkiller Base hit the first planet) and I'm not running hot. I'm really interested to see how the numbers shake out and impressions from those with some serious low end!
  3. My favorite part is chapter 6 - lots of low stuff with the planes and helis flying over, plus you've got Thunderstruck in the background (cliche, but still fun they sneaked it into a kid's movie). My 4 yo and 2 yo LOVE this movie; it's actually not too bad a movie.
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