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Looking for a two sub set up for a large area in my basement with tile floors.  The room is large with approx. 12K if cuft.  Would diy give me best bang for buck?  If so, what sub and amp?  Also, is there any tuner that will help.  I will use mainly for music but also with theater. I have 9 B&W speaker (2 sets cm-8s and two set in ceiling + center) powered by Yamaha RX-A3070 ,amp.  I like the sealed sound of subwoofers more but in room this size not sure if ported would be better.  I would like a smaller enclosure to put under window.  I have a RCA subwoofer cable that was ran behind dry wall that I would like to use to supply signal, unless a better way is recommend.    Any suggestions would be great.



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Diy subs are almost always way cheaper or better for the same price than commercial options, and they are easy to build. 

But some of your goals clash:  big space, bang for buck, 2 boxes, small, sealed.

Bang for buck:  get 32 of these and put them in 4cuft sealed boxes with a used NU6000 amp.  $2100 total.  Blue line  


2 boxes:  2x B&C 21ds115-4 tuned to 25hz in 2x 48x30x16" boxes with 1 13.75x7x40in split slot port per box.  Used IPR2-7500 amp and a minidsp 2x4.  $2100 total. Green line

I just came up with the above design for a friend that only wants 2 subs that will hug the walls and fit below a 30" shelf.   

2 boxes small sealed:  2x um18 in 4cuft boxes.  NX6000 dsp amp   $1200 total.  Red line

2 boxes small sealed cheap.  2x 12's in 2cuft boxes with a 500w plate amp  $450  Black line

I'd choose the blue or green options.


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It's best to start out by defining some things. DIY can definitely offer some advantages and cost savings but the tradeoff is a higher amount of sweat equity and possible increased difficulty in integration and setup. Like More mentioned some of your goals are at odds with each other. 

What is your budget?

What size can you subwoofers be? Define some hard limits on the dimensions.

How loud do you plan to listen? Are you wanting front row concert or EDM show levels or just good clean low end at moderate levels? 

The best bang for the buck amplifiers are external rack mount pro amps. Plate amps cost more and must be accounted for in the enclosure design and build. Your post makes it seem like you would like the amp to be placed with the subwoofer where you have a pre-existing RCA cable. I recommend using XLR balanced cables where possible especially if going DIY. long runs of RCA unbalanced can have issues with noise. 


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Budget is a tricky question. Would like to get everything for less than $2000 but realistic not sure if that will happen. I was thinking two of the Speaker Power SP 1200 plate amps. Plus they are USA made. Like the idea of plate amps no fan or amp that can be seen. Is there a wireless DSP that send signal and receive for the signal?  I am new to this so thanks for all the help and advice.   Would like loud clear stomach pumping base. But cost and  aesthetics are probably more important in reality. 

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