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Stuff from the Peavey/Crest auction


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6 hours ago, EndersShadow said:

I heard tell you are going to be attempting to daisy chain them together to reinvent the "Wall of Sound"...... 😂

I don't have enough of them, and then all the wasted inputs, and they aren't rack mountable, and all the patch cables, and...  oh well.

They really should have gotten their ctc spacing lower with that wall thingy, used some higher power drivers and amps.  Maybe bear could have looked at what Danley is doing and taken some inspiration from that.  Wouldn't have needed so many trucks.   ;)  

I'm sure it sounded amazing for the time tho.


Thanks for reminding me, I have a pair of 8ft tall line arrays that I designed and built 6 years ago and don't use anymore.  They are made to be a floor to ceiling array in a room with 8ft ceilings and use the ceiling and floor reflections constructively to make them a 24' virtual line.  There are 42 of these speakers per channel wired 6s7p and ported at 90hz with ~2" ctc spacing.  If anyone is interested in them let me know.  They aren't shippable easily.  

I have 65 of these Hiwave/Tymphany drivers leftover from that project, new in the box, along with 15 that had the frames trimmed down already to lower the ctc spacing.   I think I bought 2 cases of them.

Looks like Dayton copied them, and maybe didn't do as good of a job?:



Normally we model speakers in a 3D space.  Full/half/quarter/eighth space, but still with a 3D expansion that drops 6db per doubling of distance.

In room the line arrays have a 2D expansion/loss profile at 3db per doubling of distance instead of 6db like everyone is used to.  This is because they don't expand up or down, they are bounded by the ceiling and floor.  

I'm hoping that the 250 12's that I got can cover the entire front wall with baskets nearly touching and will present a 1D expansion profile to the array producing a 0db loss per doubling of distance and providing perfectly even bass at every point in the room with no room modes.  The only variation should be reflections from objects in the room and will hopefully be negligible.  We'll see, I need to get that room emptied before I start on my own projects.

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Here are the arrays, my 1st test box, a couple surrounds, a weed wacker, and some half full spray cans, .  There's a "Pittsburgh toilet" hidden in the back too. lol

I had 2 different port designs I was trying out on the mains.

Both are slot ports the full height of the towers.  I actually came up with the port design on the little one on the floor before I knew that slot ports were a thing, I thought I was pretty slick.  LOL

The left port is .75 x 6in or so, the right is .125 x .75  both are a 90hz tune.

They will take a full ep4000 channel forever without breaking a sweat.



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I'm taking off for the weekend to hang out with some friends.  I'll be back Tuesday.

A year ago, one of them brought his "PA system" to a get together.  It was a pair of OLD 15 + a horn cabs with a tear in one of the cones, and the other one had a VC rub if you turned it up.  He had that hooked to a rmx850 with 1-1/2 working channels run off of a old mackie mixer that looked like it made it through the Normandy landing (barely).  :unsure:

Yesterday, I found out that he was definitely showing up this weekend.  I asked him how often he uses his "PA" ?  He said he used to all the time, they were his living room speakers till the amp decided it was a mono amp and the speakers are just junk.  I decided he needed an upgrade.  (we're hundreds of miles apart and only see each other a couple times a year)  I thought about giving him the escort 5000, but he loves LOUD dubstep.

I started going through the subs and speakers last night.  4 powered ported 18s with 4cuft boxes...4 bad amps.  1 unpowered one with a 8cuft box, super crispy VC.  Little box drivers wouldn't work well in the big box.  UGH

Then I remembered I had a Ciare 18.00sw laying around that @Funk Audio had sent me when he hooked me up with a pile of awesome drivers.  (THANKS NATHAN!!!!!, told u I'd find good homes for stuff)  I was planning to use it to help me learn hornresp and design a horn with it, but he can put it to use for now.  I'll have him swap the driver with something more appropriate later, a pa460 looks decent w/600w.  He'll probably get it back in a horn down the road.

WinISD said, meh, it will kinda work, and the ciare ended up in a Peavey box that sounds like it's gonna burst at the seams when I hooked it to a IPR2-7500 and cranked it up.  I kinda felt like I was parking a Porsche in front of an apartment in the ghetto, but it's what I could make work in a night with stuff I had laying around. :)

I found a couple working Peavey PVXp 15's right out of the box.  

And bam, he's got a mini system.

Can't wait to see the look on his face.  

The look on his wife's face may be even better.  LMAO






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10 hours ago, More said:

Finally home again.  Had a great week.

I'll have more stuff tested this weekend.

I'm surprised I still have these amps. 

Any idea why?  Prices?


Not sure this forum has the amount of traffic as others (like AVS), plus most guys here probably have their amp situation covered already.....

I'd post them individually on AVS and you might get more traction there.

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On 9/7/2019 at 10:35 AM, EndersShadow said:

Not sure this forum has the amount of traffic as others (like AVS), plus most guys here probably have their amp situation covered already.....

I'd post them individually on AVS and you might get more traction there.

I put one there, and started putting stuff on the bay.  Was hoping to avoid that.  Oh well they can have their slice too.

I'll be putting stuff up here for a bit as I get things tested to see if anyone wants it then moving it to the bay.



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