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B&C 21sw152 4ohm


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On 2/10/2019 at 8:58 AM, SME said:

I'm curious as to what you were thinking of.  One dead simple idea is to just take the double driver Skhorn, cut it in half and add a 3/4" wall where the center used to be along with maybe some extra bracing.

 I think the hard part would be finding what kind of binding hardware works best.  Something ratcheting might be a good idea.  Maybe nylon strip like for tying down loads?  Ideas...

I don't have enough knowledge about designing horns to be talking about this with confidence, but since the horn opening angle would drop to 6° from 12° if simply cut in half and adding a side panel the interior would need to be redesigned. That is if a horn works the way I think it does, if it doesn't please call me out.

As for binding hardware butterfly latches would be great. I actually posted about this modular cab idea using butterflies on AVS some time ago but nobody seemed to be into it.

You could even saw the original SKHorn in half and slap like 6 butterfly latches on that to combine it. Use weather stripping to seal it and you have your modular SKHorn.
I wonder what it would sound like if just left in pieces  :D

But I think we're going slightly off topic here, that could be discussed in a new thread ;)

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I cant say anything about inches but i Have single 21sw152 in My living Room. The box IS 430l (0.43cubic Meters) and reflex point IS about 14.6hz. It has 3 vents witch IS 110mm Wide and about 950mm deep. 

 it yousually Works very fine but when It Goes upper bass, Ports can Make noise (sorry For My Bad english and i am little bit of drunk)

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So how this all ended up? I just received my 21SW152-4, and plan is to pair it with my two cubo18 loaded with RCF L18P400. Mostly for listening all kind of music at home but now and then weddings and other partys a bit louder. 


All I want that the 21" would do, is going ~35hz to down low as down as possible. There is that one drawing, but with slotted port calculator its tuned way too high? Or am I missing something? 


Wanna try something simple with one port this time tho. :)

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