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Samps DS21 Build


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Forgot to update this thread.   Sub has been up and running for a while.   Turned out exactly how I wanted it to.   Subjectively I'd say it sounds better than my previous diy subs at the same spl.   It can dig low enough but still has that impact that seems to be missing with some of the high excursion drivers.  Good all around performer.

Currently it is firing directly into a corner.  I spun it around to get a pic.  Sweep is at mlp with no eq other than the hpf bw12 @20hz.  6th smoothing.   Pretty good response to start with before any eq.  

Thanks for all the help guys!   Learning to take impedance tests has and will change all of my current and future builds. 






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This box used two 4x8 sheets of 3/4” arruco ply from Home Depot.  About $100.  

Cut one sheet into the four sides then the other sheet for the top, bottom, port, and bracing.   

I’m still using this sub, which is saying something considering how many I’ve tried.  

Crazy thing is, I have not seen the red light on the inuke yet.  Even when I think i’m really pushing it, I’m still only seeing the third light flicker.   But I don’t watch many movies in this room so it rarely gets the 20hz content.  For music it’s silly inside a normal sized house.  

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