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WW Speakercabinets X-21 Test results with B&C 21DS115-4


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Many thanks Josh for the extensive work involved in testing so many variables here.  I'm happy to see so much interesting data collected by adding the iNuke3000DSP to the mix.

From your testing, I generated the following set of EQ filters to flatten the single vent, 14.5Hz tuning option which can be used in any DSP that includes shelving filters, and doesn't require filters below 20Hz.  An iNuke DSP or similar can easily implement this.

For the 21DS115-4 as tested I have the following filters recommended:
1. BW 12 / 2nd order high pass at 20Hz (2nd order Q=0.7 filter)
2. A 2nd order Low Shelf at 20Hz boosting 6.0dB
3. A 2nd order High Shelf at 90Hz cutting 14.0dB

This gives a response that is +/-3dB from 14-200Hz, and should be useful to around 12Hz in-room.  Here is what I modeled up where this is just generic, so the exact shape may vary by a smidge:


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