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Ricci's Gjallarhorn & Othorn Files


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6 hours ago, Ricci said:

I see I missed this question. How many TH-18's does DSL recommend? That'd be a good place to start. I'd think 2 per side would be a good start. 4 per side would be a whole lot more fun though.

Cool am thinking 🤔 the same cause I have to get the top away from one ears and above the head kind of , will sure put up some nice pics , we just moving into a new workspace, I love bass would like 16 of these . 🔊🔊

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Hey Josh I just had a quick question. 

Going over the plans before they go to the cnc and i just noticed that the rebates in the side panels that fit the baffle and also the horizontal mouth brace are drawn in at 21mm wide.

Cant see anything saying they're supposed to be cut from 21mm... is this an error or am I missing something or reading it wrong?

And from that if the rebates are supposed to be 18mm, when I correct it do I shift bottom edge up to increase the mouth volume or the top edge down?


rebate question.jpg

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Hello !

I just saw the Ricci's post on the Skram topic, it seems like the NX6000 could power a pair of Skram, would it be enough for a pair of Othorns (21DS115-4 loaded) ?

Here, in Europe, we have the Proline 3000 sold by Thomann which is enhanced on the net thanks to its price (600€)  and its performances on subs but its almost 2x the price of a NX6000 and 35 additionals kilograms.

What would be your bet ?

The Proline 3000 has been measured at 1800W/4ohm continuous instead of the 1500W announced.

Could the NX6000 follow up on huge deep bass lines ? For an entire night ?

Thanks !

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I have now built my firs Othorn prototype and noticed that the front grill wont fill out the mouth perfectly. Would it make a difference if I make the total width of the following boxes smaller by less then 10 mm or 3/8". What will happen to the FR, compression, the -3dB point, delay time, cone excursions and output if I made this chance?

Yeah, I badly need those grills 😎

See topic: More Othorns to come.  

Best regards /Mattias Andersson



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On 2/23/2020 at 4:13 PM, Arne said:

Hey Ricci,
thanks for the awesome plans. I am currently trying to build it and stumbled upon this:
On sheet 2 you defined the angle as ~86°.
On sheet 9 the corresponding rabbet is rectangular.
Is the angle wrong or the rabbet?





Both should be correct. The rabbits should have enough extra clearance in them to accommodate joints other than 90deg. 


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