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Time and/or phase-aligning multiple subs - all-pass filters?


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On 3/9/2020 at 12:28 PM, andy497 said:

Ages more, and my newborn turned into a semi-autonomous mini-human, and I can turn some attention back to audio.  I swapped an aging laptop for a proper desktop HTPC, and many of my measurement problems (particularly with time-alignment not being repeatable) seem to have fallen away.  Repeatability is very good, and predicted sweep summations using dozens of biquads across different channels match reality almost exactly.

Quick q:  Is there a way to export out of MSO into a minidsp compatible import format (i.e. xml)?  If not, I may write it.  It looks like it still will take a couple steps to export everything (I can only see a way to export biquads from MSO one channel at a time), but that would save a ton of time inputting when I'm trying out various configurations.

p.s.  I can't tell you how much I appreciate this incredible application.  It's a huge contribution to DIY audio.

Sorry, there isn't any way to export miniDSP XML configuration files.  I've tried to avoid the situation of writing code that's specific to the make and model of the DSP device, as I didn't want to get stuck writing new code every time a new model is released.  That's why the interface is somewhat generic in nature (sample rate, biquad count etc).  To be honest, my enthusiasm for the project isn't what it was when I first started it a few years back, so I've kept it mostly in maintenance mode, except in cases where I can learn something interesting or generally useful by implementing a new feature (multi-threading, global constraints etc.)  I don't actually use a miniDSP myself, as I'm two-channel only.  I just use Equalizer APO to roll my own bass management, "stealing" the surround channels for use with the subs.

Thanks for the kind words about the software.

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On 3/10/2020 at 10:50 AM, manninen said:

i use smaart to get harder system set up. car audio is impossible set up well without dual channel fft. speakers above my 6th order bandpass needed 12.9ms delay.


i think many systems are 0.5 cycles off

I use the Voxengo spectrum analyzer as an investigative tool for mixing sometimes. How is the delay plugin?

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