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(8) Ported Incriminator Audio Judge 21" build


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I've been modeling ported enclosures for my IA 21s for a few months and have also received a lot of feedback from Ricci and LTD02. 


25hz+, I'm completely satisfied with the system.  On the low end of the SPL spectrum, I'm around 130db at 10hz and 136db at 17hz. After 6+ months of testing various levels of boost <10hz, in my room it just doesn't add anything. 10hz is definitely noticeable/enjoyable, so I don't want to lose any SPL there.


The current plan is 8 of these.  Outside dimensions with double baffle:

36" wide

28.5" tall

30" deep

(3) 8.5" x 2.625" ports.  Port length is ~55".


Net internal volume: 11.72cu.ft










1/2" round over:












Tune ended up at 14hz:




All 8 + the Othorns stacked behind the mains:


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Bummer about < 10 Hz, but this does seem to be a logical direction to go in.  Will these get you to 150 dB SPL in your room?  :)


Do you actually have room for 8 of these cabinets?


Also, do you plan additional bracing for the port other than what's shown?


This should bump me to about 143-144db from 15hz and up at the seats. 


This is the most I've measured in the room so far:






That's all I was planning for bracing.

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How much space is there between your mains? Can you place both Othorns on their side and fit them between the mains with the center on top?


Just measured and there's only 64" between the mains, so no.


The room being only 12.5' wide is a big constraint.  It'd be nice of the room were 6ft wider.  First world problems lol. 

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Hey, at least your room is even that wide. Mine was 10.5ft wide and now it's only 9.5ft wide. UUuuugggghhhhhhhh!!!!


Looks like there is space on each side of the mains to give up to the middle of them though? Aight then. Nix that idea.

The space on each side of the mains is just enough for my fat gut to squeeze back there.

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How much depth is going to be or is being taken up? Wall to the front of the mains?


Right now from the back wall to the front of the mains is about 71".  The sealed subs/othorns are 24" wide, and the mains are 30" deep.


This picture shows how the subs are stacked behind the mains:





Currently there's about 4" from the wall to the sealed subs, and 6" between the sealed subs and the mains.  With the ported cabs being 22.5" wide and two would be stacked side by side behind the mains, I'm going to squeeze everything closer together.


Best case I only have to move the mains/tv/center forward about 15", which would only leave about 6' between them and the front row.  

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I remember those days.




I'm still bummed you sold those!


Because of my soffits I'm limited to 81" of height, hence the 28.5" height of the ported boxes planned (28.5 + 28.5 + 24 (Othorns on their side)) = 81.


The 7ft I was referring to earlier is how much space of the front of my room will be consumed by the subs and mains.  From the back wall to the front of the mains will be around 86-87"!

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