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Yup. They exist because tv's can't fit decent enough speakers in them.


I have zero issues with soundbars. They have their place.


Yup, soundbars do have their place. That place is "Not in my systems". One can only compromise so far.


We only had to destroy one set of "small" speakers to understand that a typical set of small speakers just won't survive in our home. 

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Yea well, I have an issue with you NOT having an issue with soundbarz. 


I have zero issues with you having an issue with me. :P



Scott's idea of a soundbar is a pair of 15's flanking a pair of 8's and a CD on a 90x90deg waveguide.


Haha! Yeah! Even I'd say that's just a set of speakers and not a soundbar. :P

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I can't find a good picture out there of a horizontal DIYSG 1899, but I was recently reminded of those old TV commercials for Foster's Beer.  I can only imagine:


"How to speak Australian ..."


[... depiction of horizontal 1899 ...]



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