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Beastaudio's 2015 NC Get Together...


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8 RF's..... I can't even stoop that low. I'd be afraid they would jack your car and show up at my house while I was sleeping, and quickly vaporize me before I even knew they were there.


My thinking still remains the same: I wonder who RF paid to come up with that driver? In all seriousness it is a work of art. Absolutely awesome. 

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Gage, this is a really good value that I would have hit up if it was available when I got my Rigol: http://www.circuitspecialists.com/hantek-100mhz-digital-storage-oscilloscope-dso5102p.html?otaid=gpl&gclid=CNqi2brcrMkCFYI7aQodNTEBmg


Thanks Paul. After wanting an oscilloscope for as long as I can remember, I finally received (fine, I bought it myself) one and I'm excited to start playing with it and learning how to use it effectively.


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