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Insurgent (7.1 TrueHD)


Level        - 4 Stars (110.41dB composite)

Extension - 5 Stars (1Hz)

Dynamics - 5 Stars (29.08dB)

Execution - 4 Stars


Overall     - 4.5 Stars


Recommendation - Buy


Notes: I haven't watched it yet.  But, from watching the measurements, all effects are steeply rolled off from 20Hz for the first 3/4 of the movie.  Then, out of NOWHERE in the last quarter of the flick, all the effects magically become full bandwidth.  It's like they used a different foley for the last bit, or changed sound effects editors or something.





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Wow. Nice. And Atmos to boot. ;)


Interesting what you say about things kicking in later in the movie. Don't get mad but this alone suggests that it's easy to skew the whole PvA with enough energy in only a little time.


Not suggesting we change things now but it would be interesting to do a PvA of a movie but broken up and done several times in chunks. Scenes, full acts, whatever. That would show a much more accurate reading of the movie of choice but it would require more work and would invalidate previous data. Not worth it but for those of you doing this it would be an interesting experiment.

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There are quite a few movies where the stats and PvA are impacted by just a scene or two.  We've known that for a long time, Scott, but I don't think it creates any big problems for the methodology.   The converse is also true - quiet scenes negatively impact the PvA and stats.  Thus, all scenes impact the movie's scores & PvA.  :P


PvAs are just one tool in a much larger toolbox.  Since that toolbox has been employed the same way across all 400ish of these movies, and since we're measuring the entire movie every time, I think that it's immaterial when considering the counting stats.  Plus, there's discussion of each movie to flesh out this minutiae.  


You're right - a new or additional methodology could be employed to highlight this fact, and everyone here is objective enough to consider that sort of thing all of the time.  But, what would the ranking system gain from doing so?  That's a legit question that needs an answer anytime someone says "this system isn't perfect" or "doesn't account for this nuance in this one movie."  It's not, and it doesn't, but I question whether or not it needs to.  


If, for a majority of the movies measured here, someone can answer that question of how the ranking would benefit, I and everyone else would welcome the addition or change!  If someone can come up with a recommendation that highlights a glaring deficiency in the system, and substantively fixes it, please do!  The system has already been changed and tweaked several times, so you all should know that nobody here is averse to the possibility. :)


I'm going to guess that this is a pretty solid bass movie, but, really, people start to split hairs because they can - and I'm totally good with it.  There's just not a whole lot of difference in quality or quantity from 4.5 stars and up - they're all very solid.  Beyond that, it's mostly people's rooms, systems, and preferences accounting for the subjective differences in the experience.

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This had a surprising amount of bass considering how restrained the first one was.

It felt a bit like Transformers 4 at times. Not as compressed or full of clipping but often the bass felt boomy and over top without much nuance. And there are quite a lot of sweeps.

Enjoyed the sound mix as a whole and like the movie more than I expected.

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I'm soo happy to finally being able to give back to a community that's helped me tremendously in my journey to blissful bass heaven!




Your avatar looks like the front stage of a guy I know on the AVSForum...

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I just did an interesting test between DD5.1 track and the TrueHD 7.1 track.

Here's the differences between the 2 graphs.

Very interesting indeed




I don't understand why this is - surely both encoding formats have exactly the same amount of headroom, bar the addition of two extra channels in the 7.1?

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