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HST18 / HS24

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I had a feeling something adverse was keeping you from your thread, so I bumped it hoping you might show up here either way. I'm glad our worst fears of some illness or physical injury are not the case. But, that said, having your hard work (research for and acquisition of your system hardware is no small task) stripped by a thug is a close second.


Ping me if you think there's any way we can help.

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Hello All,   Sorry for the long radio silence.. work (as always) kept me from any progress on the cinema project. Last weekend however I finished all cabinets.. the 4 HS24 twins and the 4 LowMid


Leons wasn't being unable to push to the system limits the point? That's what I always go for. I consider acceptable headroom achieved when I'm starting to get scared of breaking things in the structu

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Hello all,

Thanks for the sympathy…I thought in all directions, acquintance, people I know, neighbours.. I just don't know.. It must have been someone who knows where the cinema room was..  they went in a straight line for it.. First they cut a wire-fence, then forced a steel bar gate, then went direct for the double door that lead to the cinema room. My first feeling was anger, the same response as most of you.. but the feeling that there is a big chanse that it is not a complete stranger mixes it with a feeling of mistrust that goes even deeper than the anger..

Regarding the stolen gear.. all the reasonably movable items are gone (beamer, surround-processor, bluray-player, Imac (with all Protools software and plugins) Protools DA-AD convertors, hard-drives, Quested monitoring system, a lot of drivers, poweramps, all blurays and dvd’s gone… 90% of this gear was less than a year old! 

All speakers of my cinema system are actually PA-speakers and subs.. big and heavy, they left these behind,  and the poweramps that were in the amp-closet in the adjacent room are still here.. for the rest I have to start all over.

First thing I did was ordering an alarm system, that is being built as I type.. it will be ready Monday, and I ordered heavy steel rolling shutters for every door and window.. these will be mounted in the coming week.. I know I should have done this earlier, but I started the build last summer. it was all in the works..

Dependent on the outcome of the insurance hassle I refocus on replacing the gear..

A positive note.. I was at the shop yesterday. the HS 24 twins are getting close to completion.. the complete inside (bracing frames) are ready, build quality is fantastic, the outer layer (shell) is next.. the cabs will be done next week.. the frames give a hint of their final size.. they dwarf the labsubs in every demension,… if the performance lives up to their size it should sound BIG!

best regards,

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I was going to suggest that perhaps one of the courier company drivers might have been getting a kickback from some lowlife(s) for info on where obviously expensive gear is being delivered to, but I doubt any of them would have been shown the inside of your place?


Security is one of those things that always looks expensive until just after you've had something taken, at which point it looks very cheap and easy compared to the hassle of replacing stuff and the feeling of violation that we feel :( I almost lost a bicycle about a year ago due to thieving scum - not really comparable, I know, but it prompted me to remember I had been meaning to sort out some attack-proof locks, rather than the weedy thing it came with!


We all do it, though - I guess it is good that we tend to default to trusting others until that trust is broken, it is at least indicative that we as the human race are generally good people inside, but there is always some idiot to ruin the day, with no respect or consideration of the consequences of their actions...  It really does irritate me that people have no respect for other people's property, grrrrrr.



Have you considered putting any replacement electronic kit into a heavily fortified 'secure room'? Get the room nice and cool with a decent air conditioning system, then you can get everything set up and on an external power switch, leaving only the BD Player out on display - then you can just switch on what you need to without going into the room, and if anyone breaks in, they will have a hard time getting to any of the easily movable stuff. Rip all your physical media to electronic storage, add a infrared repeater with one side in the main room and the other side in the secure room, then you can just flick through what you own without needing to get to the discs.


Anyway, my mind is wandering and probably not helping, so I will stop my rambling now!



I hope you get a good outcome from the insurance and I hope you are back on your feet soon :)

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Hello Maxymercy,

These should be sub-10Hz.. that is what its all about... serious output in the infra register..


Regarding sub20 horns..

I know only the Gjallarhorn.. drivers were unavailable when I started this build, I beleve they still are..

Or do you mean the big Danleys? these are even bigger, and a boatload more exepensive..

There are few other sub20 horns with comparable output that I know of...


The guys from the woodshop have a big open trailer, all 4 cabs fit on it, they drop them off at the spraypainters shop..

He again has a big van.. and drops them of at my place...

Once in the cinema room i can replace them on my own when necessary.. hence the wheels and handles

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When installing the HS24, after a few false starts, I finally found some handles that work well installing the beasts that are the HS24 and BHS24.  I went and purchased 1/2" steel bar, cut it to length, and drilled holes.  I also purchased longer metric screws to be able to fit the handles similar to as shown in the mockup picture below.  Only take out one screw at a time though, don't loosen both screws on the HS24 clamps since they help to hold the cone to the frame.  Let me know if you have any questions.




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the 2 way convertible principle:
* the speakers can be mounted on the small side or the large side
* the cabinet can be converted from sealed to ported mode (the aluminium discs will be the port blocks)
Although I think they will be mainly used sealed,  but while I was at it...
Next step is paint..

And then finally...







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My appologies for the quite long delay but I have moved forward on your five HS-24's today. I should have them finished up by Thursday. Note that I do not have enough crates built to ship them yet but I will have crates built for them shortly after I complete the drivers. Here is a picture from the end of todays work:



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