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What is your sub system Andy? Looks like you have some LF roll off.

Or maybe where one microphone was placed as I was going to do all 6 seats and a few inches in forwards sides to back of each seat but that would take hours. 


JBL 4645 primary and I like it been running for 18 years, well actual the 18" driver maybe a bit longer when brought second-hand. A second smaller JBL in room corner 12" JBL GTO1202D and its enough to feel on my chest when called in around the seats and enough to be an ear-buster with Earthquake. Also the EQ level well I won't go into that. I could have just put a few cuts to the peaks or around 31.5Hz to 60Hz as I don't want LFE.1 drowning out the rest of the channels.


There is satisfactory bass in the room.  

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In room frequency sweep using Spectrum Lab and REW linear sweep 10Hz to 120Hz, mic at centre front row seat. I have the SDDS SW crossover for digital set at 200Hz / analog crossover on the SDDS set at 80Hz. The crossover on the Onyko TX-SR875 for digital SW I think its set at 120Hz.


A bit of peak not a big deal to correct. 


Since the power supply on the BFD-2496 packed up few years ago and needs minor repair otherwise I could have zeroed in on the common peak frequency and reduced it.  


I have been thinking of patching the LFE.1 onto Dolby CP65 so I can use the parametric EQ and cut that peak down a bit. I have the LCR LF running on the CP65 so I can trim or fade down or up the stage bass channels with a CP55 doing the same for LCR HF horns the rest for the surrounds gets a little complicated but it does work. 



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With above post of in-room frequency sweep its more less a mirrored response so I need simply correct the peak, when I get around to getting behind the rack and re-wire the SW to the parametric EQ. 


Reverse frequency sweep right at the end of the end credits. In room.




^ Room resonance last few seconds of the end credits. 




^ Last few seconds of the end credits LCR (MIX).




^ Last few seconds of the end credits direct LFE.1

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I wasn't trying to belittle what you if that's how it came out. Just thought the 10hz stuff looked chopped off. I'm not sure mic placement matters much at 10hz though.

Yeah it okay,


20Hz upwards to near 30Hz a little seems uniform around the room above that it changes up and down, the second sub seems to even it out.


Surprised the mix reaches down to 20Hz on Edge of Tomorrow. 

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In room response centre front row seat, opening of the film with the pulse signals (all channels playing).



Nice, I didn't know you had a mic setup.  What kind of mic are you using? 


I think it's so cool they put that part at the beginning of the movie.  It's so obviously just a random bone thrown to the sub guys out there and it has NOTHING to do with the movie. :lol:

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Finally got round to watching this because I found it for cheap :P


Sound overall was pretty good and I thought the story was cool, although I am filing it under the usual Tom-Cruise-fights-to-survive-then-saves-the-whole-world-on-his-own section of my media filing  lol


Opening sequence was fun but not as loud as I thought it might be - downstairs neighbours finally buggered off out for the day for a change :rolleyes: so I took the opportunity to crank it up.  All seemed fine at Reference and +6dB on the SW trim, although going from the SPL meter and the fact the harmonics seemed louder than the fundamental on a couple of the notes, all it's done is re-highlight the fact I need to get round to getting the miniDSP in the system and EQd, and move the sofa... lol

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Ah, I should have clarified...



Audyssey sets the SW channel at -13 at the moment (I turned the CV5000 up / reduced the attenuation before the last Audyssey calibration, so Audyssey trimmed the AVR SW channel down accordingly), so when I say +6 on the SW trim, I mean it is still running at -7 on the 818's SW channel!


Hopefully that works ok!

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