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This was basically just an American reboot of the French movie 'Banlieue 13' which made it to US shores as District B13.


I don't recall anything memorable about the mix and as far as the movie goes, I voted 'avoid'.


The original French movie was far more entertaining IMO. There are some slight changes to the US version with some of the stunts and some changes to the script but for the most part, those small changes actually detracted from the films entertainment value IMO.


Unfortunately, Paul Walker also pales in comparison to Cyril Raffaelli who originally played the same character in the French version.


Cyril is a martial artist and traceur (parkour practitioner) and his stunts and fight scenes make Paul Walker's look like playschool. For folks who don't know who Cyril Raffaelli is, he played the parkour capable bad guy in Die Hard 4 and was the smaller fighter of 'the twins' in the Jet Li movie 'Kiss Of The Dragon'.


I would certainly recommend the original French films for folks who like action/martial arts movies (there are 2 Banlieue 13 films that I know of. I found both quite entertaining), but I'd definitely pass on Brick Mansions unless you're a die-hard Paul Walker fan or something.




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