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Godzilla x Kong : The New Empire - Bass Execution (Poll)


Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire  

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Godzilla x Kong : The New Empire (Dolby ATMOS)

Level - 4 Stars (110.65dB composite)

Extension - 2 Stars (21Hz)

Dynamics - 4 Stars (25.1dB)

Execution - TBD

Overall - TBD

Notes - Unfortunately, Shelved steeply at 30Hz.  Good news though.  NO clipping.  NONE, not on any channel, and dynamically there are peaks that go above the average 'loud' level on each channel, with 2-3 effects on each channel having peaks 3dB higher than anything else, just touching 0dBFS but no flat tops.  This is good news.  It appears Hollywood is actually looking at how much they have distorted audio in the past looking for increased  'volume'.  I will audition this film in the HT soon.  UPDATE - Movie was 'meh', sound was clean and good, not great.  This presentation could have really used an octave or more extension given the action onscreen.  The film seemed to meander around, aimlessly at times.  Mothra had died previously, I guess there are more when needed.  Where are the rest of the titans from the end of King of the Monsters?  How many more 'hidden places' are these ppl going to find?  



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