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Dayton Audio MX12-22 12


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Yeah, I saw that the other day. Plenty of motor, decent stroke, and reportedly quiet. Only real gripe after looking at the specs is that Le/Re is greater than 1. 

Still, it is a decent looking driver for the $$. If I needed a 600W 12, I would certainly consider it.

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 "Klippel Verified" means whatever the marketing department wants it to...

The inductance isn't terrible (5.09 mH vs a 3.95 ohm Re), but it is no mid-bass. Things are rolling off after 100 Hz.


I don't see any suggestion of inductance mitigation in that impedance plot, and the cutaways don't show shorting rings.


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On 5/29/2021 at 12:31 PM, kipman725 said:

I think from the datasheet the 18mm is when BL=0.7*MAX(BL).  Looks like a great deal for the price, shame that price will not be anything like that in the UK.  I wonder how it would do in a FLH like the lab horn?

Probably decent, the Lab 12 has great mms and BL for its size giving it a low Q so it would work well in a horn. I don't see any reason this couldn't.


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For the price these look pretty decent. The other option in that price range are the Type S 12 which has a lot lower motor force. Really the only thing the UM has going for it over this is the shorting rings and possibly lower distortion. The UM series gives up a lot of motor force and costs more though. 

Nobody really makes a 10" or 12" like I'd like to see. 

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