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What Is Lowest Frequency in Music/Movies?


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I'm interested in getting peoples' opinions about what the lowest frequency is in readily available commercial cds, dvds, Blurays that they have actually personally heard, and had some way of actually knowing its value in Hz, that made any real difference in the quality of the sound (just the sound heard by the ear, not what may have only been felt).


This would not be the lowest frequency that you can just barely hear, or the lowest frequency you can feel but not hear, but the lowest frequency you have heard that, in your opinion, was audible enough to make a real difference in the sound.


If you reply and if you can remember, please let me know how you knew the frequency value in Hz that you heard (it was advertised on a cd wrapper, you read about it in a forum, you actually measured it and if so, please tell me how & with what equipment, etc).


I have a signal generator and some fairly large speakers with 18" woofers and large cabinets that I designed and when I play tones through them, the volume I hear significantly falls off around 28 Hz, but the problem is that I don't have any equipment that accurately measures the electrical signals being fed to my speaker, so I can't be sure if the falloff is due to my amplifier/preamp/sound source itself falling off in intensity. The commerically available volt meters I have all seem to fall off somewhere around 30Hz per their own data sheet specs.


Is there any software and soundcards I can use in my pc that can accurately measure electrical voltages down to about 15Hz?


Thanks very much for any info and opinions.

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